Young Woman With Autism Starts Blog To Help Others


Amie Martin of Sandfields, Swansea has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Like many others girls growing up with Autism, Amie has seen a very difficult side of life. She had faced bullying through her growing years, she has had anger issues, had difficulties in making friends and she had to grow up with an immense amount of patience and support from her family and a few rare friends.

And yet, Amie Martin is unlike so many others, and better than so many of us. Instead of accepting the life, she has chosen to open a Youtube channel about her issues as an autistic individual, with the aim to help many others who feel lost and disconnected from the world around them.

Oh, and Amie is just 20 years old.

In an article published at South Wales Post, Amie has opened up about how she feels that “it is OK to be different and stick to the people who love you.” She talks about her struggles as an autistic individual accepting with a great maturity that ” I act childishly. It feels like I am a 20-year-old woman with a brain that is a lot younger“.

Amie also has a Facebook page called ‘Amie’s bubble of Difficulties‘ where she posts regularly about her journey with this disorder and how support and friendship from near and dear ones have made her a more courageous individual.

Amie on Facebook
Amie’s Fan Page on Facebook


Amie's Youtube Channel
Amie’s Youtube Channel

Every year, many children all over the world are diagnosed with ASD, a disorder which affects social and behavioral adaptability.  Amie’s attempt to reach out to others via the social media can act as a ray of hope for many parents and families who are desperately seeking help from everywhere they can.

Amie talks about quite a few aspects of about her blogs, however, the most important part is that  Amie helps us to see and understand an autistic individual from their own personal point of view. That itself is a big step forward, for it is a difficult disorder to understand, especially for close family and friends.

Like many who deals from Autism, Amie talks about her relationship to music, by describing herself as “addicted” to it. Songs play in her head, over and over again, that it is not within her control to stop it. She talks about feeling frustrated with herself, with the people around and her expression of anger which often instigates her to react by slamming doors or kicking things around her.

Amie Martin wants to help other autism sufferers
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Amie’s story is a hope for many. It is a tribute to those who suffer from this distressful condition – that they too, like Amy, could talk to the camera about what they feel, what they think and how they think. At the same time, this opening up could help families, friends, and parents who really want to understand their children.

Amie had faced bullying like other kids with autism while growing up; a parents’ as well as a child’s nightmare. This goes to show just how much more we need to do about people who lack social acceptance. Also, it is imperative that they should feel, as Amie says that “I want to be able to look in the mirror and love myself and be strong and not hate myself

Amie opens up about how learning for her is more difficult than the rest. She suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), which makes the learning and retaining process slow.

Amie’s story is a great example of courage! Not every girl with ADHD and Autism can put up a brave face to say that “Being autistic is fine and we all need to smile and be ourselves”. To subscribe to her YouTube channel, click here.

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