Toilet Training for Autism Child


During the initial phase in toilet training for autism child, every small step that is being correctly done should be rewarded. Do not worry, the rewards need not to be continued forever, rather till the learnings become a habit. Once habits are learnt then you can sit and relax.

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Rewards are a good tool that can be used for communication. We find rewards everywhere. From an employee feeling elated on receiving an award to a child getting ecstatic, everyone loves it. Just make sure the rules to get the reward during toilet training for autism child are well communicated and understood.

A help-kit in toilet training for autism child

Communication is a very powerful medium when correctly used. Communicating with the child and making them understand is a very important step in achieving any task. Some delays tend to happen as every child is unique and reacts differently under different circumstances.

For instance, a child with limited verbal abilities, the best way to communicate with him is to use signals as communication medium. Speaking to the child, who can hear correctly is the communication medium. Hence we can use varied communication platforms to let the child know what we expect from him.

As the child becomes accustomed to his bodily movements, the good news, for you as a parent is, the child starts to show signs when he wants to visit a toilet. The more signs you start noticing, more are the chances of toilet training for autism child success.

Toilet training for autism child
Toilet training for autism child

At times it gets difficult to move ahead beyond a certain point. No matter how many times we try to teach, we might feel our teachings are not yielding any results. During situations as these, it is always advisable as well as beneficial to seek expert’s advice.

Perhaps an Autism expert can help in many ways since, and they have the necessary skills and different know how about various medication to help individuals learn as well as assistance.

There are many experts who train both, children as well as parents, so it will be beneficial to both in the long run. You might need to have a better eye in rather observing the many things which are not clearly or directly visible.

For instance a child might tend to miss going to toilet when his favorite channel is running, an obvious sign that he does not want to miss the fun or the suspense the particular channel generated. And during this time he may tend to pass out.

And parents also might be too engrossed to observe this change. And often end up in frustration or losing patience since they just fail to understand what is happening. Other times the child responds well however he is having accidents during a particular time.

A well trained expert can help by pointing at things like these and many other things and try to help us with other work around such as having the child go to the wash room before fun and frolic starts. Now this seems be a rather workable solution and a win-win situation to both parent as well as the child.

A child benefits by enjoying the entire program without getting wet and the parents benefit without having to worry about the child getting wet. Toilet training autism further helps parents in understanding different cues and staying better informed.

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