Toilet Training Child with Autism


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No matter how much we say or how much you read, no one can just have enough words to express. The benefits of story telling are immense and beyond imagination which tends to make toilet training child with autism much easier.

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Every one is aware of the fact of the likeness children tend to have towards story telling. To be honest everyone, right from a child to an adult has a liking towards stories. The only thing that changes with time is the content which we like to hear or see. Hence welcome to the age old traditional way of success which is nothing but story telling.

Stories help children interact openly with their expressions which helps us gathers different cues to how a child reacts and what might be their expectations. The same expectations need to be given due care during toilet training child with autism

Toilet Training Child with Autism – The many benefits of story telling


As a matter of fact when we have got enough clues we can work story building around them. When we tend to story tell in rather a very colorful way for instance it helps children remembering facts and understanding things more beautifully than a formal training session.

It makes our task of Toilet training child with autism much easier. Many examples of children learning with varied and complex situations exist and they have showed improvements signs to a great extent.

For instance a story can be started by relating a favorite cartoon character a child tends to enjoy. Then revolving the story around that character. This way a child is learning in a dual manner.

The one that is being taught by parent and the one where in he is able to relate to his favorite character when he is watching the television show or playing his favorite video game. Well trained specialists can help in weaving of beautiful stories for children with unique behavior.

Toilet training child with autism
Toilet training child with autism

Training a child with autism can sometimes be more challenging as children with ASD disorders tend to stick to their earlier routines. And it sometimes gets difficult for them to adjust.

Just like adults even children tend to get bored after a time. Hence it always is good for coming up with new stories as well as rewarding them for their efforts.

Choose a common language with everyone at home including adults. This helps the child in differentiating between the lines. Communicate with others in the family so that everyone are aware of the goal and have the same line of understanding.

Familiarizing the child by making him sit on the toilet seat for a predefined duration is also a good practice. And our main aim during potty training autistic boy should be his independence.

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