Autism Symptoms Checklist

So what are the early signs of Autism and why should you care? You may be wondering child is facing difficulties in certain areas. You may have also noticed that your child is not meeting the emotional, social and behavioral growth milestones (check out our Development assessment tools for children) that are normally expected of other children of similar age. Before … Read more

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

What is Childhood Disintegrative Disorder? Disintegrative disorder in children is also known as Heller’s syndrome. It is an extremely rare condition in which children develop normally up to an age of two and then suffer a severe loss of social, behavioral and communication skills. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD) is among the 5 major types of autistic disorders … Read more

What is Echolalia Autism

What is Echolalia? Echolalia is a form of unconventional verbal behaviors such as repeating a conversation, television program or part of a movie/play word for word. Even the inflections or tones and patterns of the conversation will be replicated by the subject. Echolalia is part of normal language development and is somewhat spontaneous in children. It is much … Read more

Borderline Autism

Of all the Autism Spectrum Disorders, Borderline Autism is one of the most complex developmental disorders to diagnose. Borderline Autism Symptoms This article would cover most of the widely known symptoms of High Functioning or Borderline Autism. However, the quickest way to find out whether you (or your child) have borderline autism is to take one of … Read more

What is Sensory Integration Disorder

What is Sensory Integration Disorder? SID (also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction) occurs when the brain has problems receiving and responding to information that is sent through the five senses. People with sensory processing problems are often oversensitive to their environment. Usually, sensory processing problems are discovered in early childhood. Sensory Integration Disorder is not … Read more

Sensory Integration Disorder Symptoms

So, what is Sensory Integration Disorder? Sensory Integration Disorder (also referred as Sensory Integration Dysfunction or SID) is a condition in which sensory input is not organized properly in the brain. The problem with integrating sensory input is magnified in information processing and behavior. It is important for parents to keep an eye out for any Sensory Integration Disorder Symptoms in … Read more

Autism in Boys

It is quite well known that autism in boys differs significantly from autism spectrum disorder in girls. Working with children classified “special needs” (as all neurological behavioral problems were classified), I have had some experience with the small number of girls I have worked with, but boys have definitely been the majority. Key Gender Based Statistics on … Read more

Autism in Girls

Autism in girls has always been a topic less talked about than autism in boys. The reason being that boys are 4 times more likely to be diagnosed positive for Autism Spectrum Disorder than girls. Some Statistics on Autism in Children Autism rates Increasing at Alarming Proportions – Girls less Impacted Autism, according to the … Read more

Shopping with Autistic Child

Running errands are part of everyday normal life. However, for autistic children, such everyday events may cause great anxiety, sometimes leading to aggressive behavior. Children with the autism spectrum disorder need predictability. They need to be prepared ahead of time if a change in their usual schedule is about to occur. I have a few tried and tested … Read more