Reveal for Autism: A Device to Prevent Panic Meltdowns in Autistic People

Note: Since this post was written, significant improvements have been made on this device. Please refer to the latest news on Reveal here. A wearable device, named as Reveal, has been created to monitor the real-time anxiety level in an autistic person. According to the experts, the device will immensely benefit persons with various disorder types … Read more

Autism Dating Site By Autistic Mom Daughter Duo

An exclusive dating site for those on the autism spectrum is not entirely a new concept. However, the creators of the recently-launched claim their site to be unique. Olivia Cantu, co-creator of Spectrum Singles, said other dating sites usually “portray autism in a negative light.” At the best, these sites group people with autism … Read more

Microsoft To Provide Jobs For Autistic People

Software giant Microsoft is getting ready to hire people with autism as its full-time employees. The company spokesperson announced the first step would be to launch a pilot program that would include 10 individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The program will begin on May at the headquarter of Microsoft, Redmond, Washington. Microsoft believes in … Read more

New Job Training Program For Adults With Autism

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services and Department of Developmental Services have proposed a pilot program for job training and employment opportunities for young adults on the autism spectrum. In this program, 100 such individuals will receive job training at Hartford and New Haven, in Connecticut. This proposal has been formulated in a bill and is currently … Read more

Project Evo – The App For Autism Treatment

While the world is busy finding a cure, detecting a cause, discovering a pattern in the rising numbers of Autistic people, a very different approach is taking place elsewhere. Boston based Akili Interactive Labs is building cognitive games that can aid people with ADHD and Autism. Gaming— the hobby as well as the industry, has earned a bad … Read more

Local Community Shows Up At Autistic Boys Birthday

Six-year-old Glenn Buratti, of St Cloud, Florida had invited all his sixteen kindergarten friends to his birthday party. None of them showed up on his special day! The incident broke his mother’s, 25-year-old Ashlee Burrati, heart and she turned to Facebook. Talking to ABC News about the incident Ashlee Buratti said, “He was so devastated when … Read more

Leah MacRae meets Drama Workshop students with Learning Disabilities.

Actress Leah MacRae, known for her role in successful Scottish show River City as Ellie Mclean, visited a drama workshop by CKUK, involving people with learning disabilities. CKUK, or Common Knowledge United Kingdom, is a Glasgow based organization that reaches out to people with learning disabilities with a strong conviction that such people ‘deserve better’ opportunities. … Read more

The Carwash Business With 80+ Autistic Employees

In today’s world, Autism and its social effects are hardly unknown. The number of children who fall under the Autism Spectrum Disorder along with Asperger’s, Dyslexia and Tourette Syndrome has seen a rise over the years. However, the good news is that with each day, more and more organisations are actively trying to integrate people … Read more

Hiring People With Autism The Smart Thing To Do

Hiring people with Autism turned out to be “a smart thing to do” for a bakery owner, Jean Kroll. The Evanston, Chicago based bakery owner hired three individuals with Autism after their unpaid internship to a 20 hour a week job, paying $8.25 an hour. While Kroll, at first was unsure about hiring individuals with disabilities, … Read more