What is Sensory Integration Disorder

What is Sensory Integration Disorder? SID (also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction) occurs when the brain has problems receiving and responding to information that is sent through the five senses. People with sensory processing problems are often oversensitive to their environment. Usually, sensory processing problems are discovered in early childhood. Sensory Integration Disorder is not … Read more

Sensory Input In Everyday Activities

A healthy diet of sensory activities over a period of time can either help calm a hyperactive autistic child or increase the activity level of a passive child. The following methods are some of the self-regulating strategies that I incorporate into my daily life as an autism therapist. While this would help any child with … Read more

Sensory Integration Disorder Symptoms

So, what is Sensory Integration Disorder? Sensory Integration Disorder (also referred as Sensory Integration Dysfunction or SID) is a condition in which sensory input is not organized properly in the brain. The problem with integrating sensory input is magnified in information processing and behavior. It is important for parents to keep an eye out for any Sensory Integration Disorder Symptoms in … Read more

Sensory Activities for Autism

In this lesson on Autism Treatment, we would focus on the different Sensory Activities for Autism. As parents of children with autism, you need to understand the varying degree of fluctuations in sensory levels that a child with autism goes through. Also, as autism in boys differs significantly to autism in girls, so does their sensory levels. Sensory … Read more