South Dakota Get Autism Insurance Coverage

After the State of Mississippi joined 35 other states to provide relief to families with autism, it is now South Dakota’s time to endorse the autism insurance coverage bill. The Autism Treatment Coverage Bill The Senate and the House in South Dakota have finally reached a settlement on the terms of autism treatment coverage bill. … Read more

New Job Training Program For Adults With Autism

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services and Department of Developmental Services have proposed a pilot program for job training and employment opportunities for young adults on the autism spectrum. In this program, 100 such individuals will receive job training at Hartford and New Haven, in Connecticut. This proposal has been formulated in a bill and is currently … Read more

Mississippi Insurance To Cover Autism Treatment

A new bill has been passed by the state House along with the Senate in Mississippi that requires insurance companies to cover the treatment for Autism. The bill that had been passed earlier by the House saw some disagreements in the Senate. Many argued that making a law mandatory for private insurance companies was equivalent … Read more

Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE)

United States Senate approved the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) on December 17, 2014 A grassroots victory occurred late in the evening of December 17th  2014 in the US Senate. 77 Senators passed the ABLE ACT (Achieving a Better Life Experience Act). President Barack Obama has since signed the ABLE act into Law. … Read more