Potty Training with Autism


Potty training with autism is not a difficult task, however it a task that needs to have a lot of patience since children tend to take more time to grasp with so many distractions. However we can make them achieve the targets set by us by planning the schedules that the child must adhere to.

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For instance making a habit to regularly visit the bathroom at certain time interval helps the child in being accustomed to the training.  Using our own creative thinking also comes to our aid most of the times.

For instance a big bathroom hanging, pointing at various tasks that the child needs to perform and highlighting the end result, is also one of the long known traditional methods in getting kids do with the tasks.

A helpful guide for Potty Training with Autism


There are many tool-kits available online which will help us in teaching the various methods that we can use in order to complete potty training with autism child, with reference to how to use the potty and make them aware of their hygienic requirements.

Potty training with autism
Potty training with autism

It is also a good practice to make a time table and follow it strictly. Make the child understand that you want him to follow and there is a reward at the end of every activity with success and a mild warning when they miss out things couple of times, since warnings are also necessary.

If we do not warn them they might tend to take it in a lighter way that peeing or soiling their clothes is also normal, though it must not be done. However we need to take care such that the child doesn’t start fearing or getting scared to the warnings. These are some of the things that we may need to be aware of when conducting sessions of potty training with autism children.

We are all aware how tedious or time consuming it is when we are learning or for instance, self-learning a task. To understand this, imagine for a moment the time we tend to take in learning and mastering a new language. Well, to be honest, we cannot learn in a day or two.

It takes us days, months or sometime even years. Yet at times we do not master it. Fortunately in terms of toilet training the tasks are not so tedious and long time frame do not exist. Hence we need to have patience when the child is showing some difficulty in grasping the training sessions.

Further autism and potty training, a self-help toolkit, assists in learning the various tricks in successfully training a child with a clear description on the ways a child may tend to act and grasp the contents of the training.

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