Potty Training Autistic Toddler


When we are towards the mid or the end of the potty training autistic toddler sessions, we need to make sure all skills are learnt and there is enough progress before deciding hand holding is no more required.

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Wiping is one such skill. It must be noted that if the child is partially wiping or not wiping at all there might be a need to reintroduce our old trick, picture based training, for instance.

During the preparation of the picture guide, do include wiping the bottom as one additional step. And slowly guide the child in your presence how to enact them. And when the child has enacted the particular step praise his participation and appreciate his new found independence.

Steps in Potty Training Autistic Toddler


Then try to slowly decrease your help. This can be done under proper guidance and assisting the child whenever he tends to fall. Proper observations are also required since a child might tend to forget at an instance or two. And while potty training autistic toddler help him physically to get over and communicate the importance of wipes and help the child in increasing the number of attempts.

Potty training autistic toddler
Potty training autistic toddler

Alternatively make sure he understands the importance of toilet paper and how much paper is he supposed to use. Since children do get distracted when they see something as role paper which keeps coming off. They may tend to forget the task and involve in getting distracted by other things.

Be sure to monitor the paper intake and do physically check if he has removed all the faeces and at the same time rewarding the child by words of praise and encouragement.

After all has been said and done continue to inspect his work during Potty training autistic toddler on regular intervals unless you are sure of him having learnt and is not dependent. These types of immediate responses helps the child in getting more experience with his potty training sessions.

After a child has shown sufficient improvements, encourage him to use potty more often by exposing him to different settings such as sitting with a potty in a wash room, so that it will be beneficial when he starts Toilet training.

These things are necessary so that a child gets a good grip of his new found ability. Children with autism have delayed learning and hence this must be done in a more reasonable time since getting independence helps them to a wide extent. Do communicate your intention with your friends and family so they can also extend a supporting role in the training of the child.

Few people wonder how long it takes to train a young child. Well as a matter of fact it depends on case to case basis. Few learn at a faster pace than others. There is no uniform defined time.

After having finished the training it might be beneficial to consult a child specialist and discuss the various improvements the child has been through in autism and potty training. He might also be able to make sure that everything is in place.

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