Potty Training Autistic Child


We need to have a lot of patience when we are set to achieve the goal of potty training little children. We need to do things such as observing the timings when they are most likely to go. Potty training autistic child is itself a great task.


In case if they wet themselves, do not worry, continue the training. Occasionally you can decide to shower the child with gifts, should they follow the correct instructions.

Tips for Potty Training Autistic Child

As it is usual fact, everyone, including us, tend to enjoy special praises. So is the case with autistic children. Also it is important to note that every child is unique and they respond to training’s differently.

A visual sequence, like steps highlighting different tasks that needs to be undertaken, is also a good step in training the individual.

For instance taking the trousers or pants off, sitting down, peeing then flushing and washing hands.

All these should be taught during potty training autistic child and also make sure they have understood steps correctly by asking them questions.

And if they have correctly understood few of the steps shower them with gifts or praises as encouragements do play a very important role in preparing the child psychologically and they in turn they  tend to learn more in their next session.

Potty Training Autistic Child
Potty Training Autistic Child

The next important thing that is a part of the potty training autistic child is the schedule of their dressing and undressing time.

During the period of training, or by the timelines that were noted in the initial steps as a part of observations, dress the child in comfortable clothes. Here comfortable is being referred to loose clothes which can easily come off and not in itself a great task.

Designer underwear or the ones with cartoon labels might be a great motivator for children.

Then teach the child the steps that need to be carried on in order to undress. Again this can be done with a sequence of well written steps or by using media.

One advice that can be helpful is break the skills into smaller set of tasks. As the child tends to begin mastering smaller tasks encourage him more. This way a child can develop strong both in mental as well as physical skills.

For instance you help a child initially by pulling down his pants little, and he will pull it down completely. This means you have broken a small task like pulling down trousers into two smaller tasks. It also benefits in boosting the child’s confidence since they have done it correctly as per the media or the steps shown.

Hand washing is another important part that should be included during the entire training schedule. Initially you might need to teach the child physically and show them how to wash hands. You can withdraw slowly as the teachings begin gaining pace.

Autism Potty Training helps in highlighting more such skills that can be helpful during the training of the children.


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