Potty Training Autistic Boy


The process of teaching a child how to control bowel and bladder movement and use the wash room for hygienic purpose is said to be a brief definition of potty training. When a child is able to use it according to the needs without guidance is said to be fully trained. However potty training autistic boy takes a while longer since the infant in this situation should be trained under different circumstances.


Different, as in this case, doesn’t mean any magic or tedious tasks. It just points towards the preparing the child in how to use the toilet with more training’s so that the child can grasp easily.

Tips for Potty Training Autistic Boy

Since few of them take a little longer to learn, the use of more than one medium comes into picture such as, for instance, media, books and comics among other things.

A child has to be trained for two purposes, viz for day time and for night time. It must be noted that these two time frames are very different, at least from potty training autistic boy perspective.

Potty Training Autistic Boy
Potty Training Autistic Boy

The tasks which are performed regularly during day time are far from different than the things done during night time. Night is meant to sleep and to get up when there is a physical sensation, a child has to be fully trained. This tends to be the normal routine of potty training.

A child can be said to be night ready once he stays dry during the day. To start with the night time training, initially, it will be helpful if there is a set routine defined and enough care should be taken that it does not change during weekends or any other occasions.

Since the child is at a learning stage it will be too much for the infant to grasp. Other things that can be done is to limit their food intake before the bed time.

This is done so that the child understands that it will be better for one to eat less before going to bed so that they might not have to go to washroom on a regular basis during the night.

Having the child go to toilet before bed also helps the child in knowing the importance of using the rest room. Say, for instance, if they are unable to stay dry during the night and fail to use the toilet at an instance or two, do not worry, rather help the child understand the importance and slow down the trainings.

Help on Potty Training Autistic Boy

Once again when the child starts to show improvements increase the pace. By doing this and after a couple of trail and errors, the training will definitely start gaining momentum.

Today, we are living at the best of the times where there is abundant of information available as well as laws have been made in favor of children with Autism.

Schools also have a greater role to play in autism potty training. Thus it is of high benefit that the child can learn both at home as well as school and the results will start to bear at a faster pace.

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