Potty Training Autism


It is a real fact that any child while growing up has to be taught how to use a potty for their hygienic and self-wellness. When the word taught is used, it can also be understood how difficult and a daunting task it can be. And when the individual to be taught is a Child with Autism, one can imagine how the complexities relating to Potty Training Autism tend to gain a further upper hand.

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A Guide to Potty Training Autism Children

Whether the child, has Autism or not, to be honest, teaching him or her how to use it is a difficult task. However, if a child has autism, it takes a little more time in teaching the ward how to use along with a few challenges of Potty Training Autism.

As it happens every time during the start of teaching, there are many factors which needs to be taken into consideration such as the right time to start toilet training. Choosing a time when we can tend to free up for a longer duration is the best bet to an initial start.

As training’s start gaining pace, we can expect fruitful results. A general advice while Potty Training Autism children is to concentrate on one task, rather than a triad of tasks, at a time. For concentrating on more than one thing can create undue pressure on the child, as well as the parent.

The first signal that a child might be ready for training is when they gain awareness, in the form of wetness of the skin and they want to make themselves clean.

It must be noted that a child might start behaving differently during the initial start when change of new routines as well as different tasks such as going to washroom, toilet training and other such things start taking place. This might be indicated when there is a change in the way they react when, say, they might have soiled their pants.

When Potty Training Autism children they tend to behave differently to the new schedules and changes are normal and should not be a matter of worry. Alternatively keeping a tab on the sequence of events helps us in knowing the progress.

Potty Training Autism
Potty Training Autism

It should be remembered that by taking small steps every day, we can expect good results in a matter of time.

However patience is the key, for the results might take few months to a year and we need to remember our main aim during these, can we say, tough times.

The ultimate goal to potty training autism child is making him less independent or training the child to be less dependent on others. A benefit among children with ASD Spectrum is they often like routine.

Working out on this, to our advantage, can help us build a successful program. It must be noted that it is advantageous to teach the whole routine, viz going to toilet then drying hands.

Potty training autism Change can sometime be very difficult for children with autism. Therefore a routine has to be designed carefully when planning to start a potty training sessions for a child. autism potty training sessions helps us understand in more depth regarding the various challenges faced during potty training.

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