Social Functioning and ADHD Trends Deteriorate with Old Age

ADHD is more of a condition than a disease, one that exists throughout an individual’s life.

Though it remains for life, it is important for individuals who are diagnosed with the same to have regular follow up. This is due to the fact that if left unchecked, it tends to grow into a more complicated syndrome during old age.

Social impacts on ageing with ADHD
Social impacts on ageing with ADHD

For instance loneliness, and being detached with family members, among other things which tend to gain more weight as people age. For it is necessary to have someone acknowledge, since ADHD can be well related with emotional loneliness.

The studies further pointed to a Longitudinal Aging. The data was taken up from early 2008 in which respondents were questioned about various social functioning styles and their respective participation.

The level of symptoms were further assessed. A very interesting relation between social functioning and ADHD was decoded.


The diagnosis tend to have associations on a positive side, and divorces as well as not being married through entire life was said to have an immense correlation.

This, in turn, was responsible for ending up with lesser family members as well as emotional loneliness was found to be on a much higher side.

Further external issues such as lower level of income played a role and had a more profound impact on issues such as depression and reduced social participation.

Due to these issues, ADHD was further pronounced during old age. Old age and divorces were seen to become a norm.

The study highlighted the importance of a psychiatrist being well informed with necessary skills to understand the symptoms which can occur due to external factors when treating individuals diagnosed with ADHD.

The need of the hour is to acknowledge the many complexities that arise out of this, which can further help as well as assist the elderly patients who suffer from the disorder as well as burden of socializing should be well treated.

The study could further help in examining the numerous associations which tend to exist between the social functions and ADHD as well as the participation among the aged individuals.

Though intense studies have been carried out to understand ADHD and various strategies have been designed to diagnose the same, in majority of the cases the causes tend remain unknown.

The gap in understanding the root cause of ADHD arises due to a specialist not giving much needed attention to minute pieces of information that can explain the root of the person’s hyperactivity and inattentivity. Hence it is always important and advisable to encourage the individuals to participate in an intensive questionnaire before a diagnosis has begun.

At times the condition is difficult to interpret, given the other related conditions and the respondents, decent levels of action among individuals that tends to be on a normal scale.

Hence it is always recommended for individuals to have more regular follow-ups as they tend to age. Earlier diagnosis and intervention of symptoms often help individuals to lead a more fruitful life.

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