New Speech Therapy App for Autism that Improves Communication: DrOmnibus Review

When it comes to the right Communication and Speech Therapy Apps for Autism and developmental delays, both iOS and Android has quite a few options – we mean both free and premium ones. In this post, we will do a deep-dive of one such Autism communication app that uses the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) fundamentals to improve speech, learning, and social skills in kids with Autism. Welcome, DrOmnibus!

DrOmnibus Home and Pro apps are produced by their parent company, DrOmnibus, and are designed to meet the needs autistic children having deficiencies with social interaction and how it uses the age-old ABA strategies to potentially transform how kids on spectrum consume and distribute information (read communication) within social constructs.

A bit about ABA…

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a technique that is used by teachers involved in special education services as a tool to achieve therapy discipline. As technology evolves, understanding of ABA therapies has gained greater momentum with sophisticated applications and tools being developed to meet the ongoing demands of today’s children.

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To start with, let us help you with the essential details about the app.

DrOmnibus Review – A Communication App for Autism


App Specifications

The app comes in two different editions to cater to your child’s special needs:

  • ABA DrOmnibus Home
  • ABA DrOmnibus PRO

ABA Omnibus Home edition app is for anyone looking for quality home therapy sessions. The app has 7000+ carefully designed tasks to help your child reach his/her full potential in a fun way! To validate its claims, we at AutisMag ran a quick review and were impressed by the results.

The app goes a step further and includes necessary rewards at regular intervals when the child has achieved results, thus encouraging the child to learn and answer things correctly in order to access the reward section.

Learning Goals

Age: DrOmnibus products are ideal ABA autism apps for children between 3 to 6 years old.

With the base version of the App, you get 13 Learning goals out of the box. Advanced users can create their own goals as well by mixing these standard goals.

  • Colors, Shapes
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits, Digits
  • Emotions
  • Occupations
  • Parts of the Body
  • Animals
  • City
  • Home
  • People
  • Nature
  • Activities
  • Matching Pictures: Hot and Cold | Soft and Hard | Dry and Wet | Light and Heavy | Fast and Slow, and Objects and Attributes

Additional Pro Features

ABA Omnibus Pro is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) tool for autism therapy.

Both apps support Android and IOS platforms and can be easily downloaded and installed. It can be used with a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and PC.

The Pro version suits those who are on the lookout for an Early Learning Individualized Education Plan. It is designed to act as an assistant in helping the child progress and improve with a set of practical instructional programs that are easy to do.

The Home app can be used by parents to coach their child at home, whereas the Pro app is used by therapists who need to deal with more than one child or student.

The Home and Pro edition apps are bundled with 7000+ activity-based tasks to help a child improve communication skills.

Interestingly, the publishers understand well the necessity of ABA therapy at home and have designed the app to integrate according to the needs of parents.

Technical and Platform Specs

The app supports desktop, Android/IOS powered tablets and smartphones with seemingly seamless synchronization across devices.

For AndroidFor IOS
ABA DrOmnibus Home313 MB313 MB
ABA DrOmnibus Pro313 MB313 MB

Known Benefits

These are some of the important areas in which children can benefit by using DrOmnibus. (As you progress through the article, you will also find real-life case studies and examples of how many parents have found this app helpful).

  • Focus
  • Learning Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Animals and much more
  • Motivation
  • Emotions

It is advisable to use this app for not more than 15 to 20 minutes per session, with 3 to 4 sessions a day.

Prolonged usage has led some children to acquire other advanced skills in such areas as:

  • Increased Concentration
  • Learning Emotions
  • Helps in stimulating the hearing process

The app offers a trial period of 14 days. One can enjoy complete benefits for those 14 days. However, it should be noted that with the free version, one can create a maximum of 2 profiles, though the app does give you permission to delete a profile and add a new one. You can click on the panel button to access the profile created.

omnibus app pricing


The app allows one to cancel a membership at any time. You keep complete control of your profile/account and how you choose to manage it.

Where to Buy?

Click the link here to directly access the app from PlayStore or iTunes.


Owing to the growing demand among parents to help their children using the best possible learning capabilities, the app has seen a decent amount of success.

Alberto Gordo from Plainville in Quebec says, “I am blessed with a 3-year-old autistic boy. I came to know about DrOmnibus when I was on the lookout for the right resource for ABA therapy at home. The company has been kind enough to extend my trial period and I am happy to sign up for their services as it helped me understand that it is something my child finds interesting.”

Interestingly, the company has gathered great momentum when it comes to speech therapy apps for autism.

How does DrOmnibus work?

The one thing that separates Dr. ABA Omnibus from other apps is the flexibility that the app offers in comparison to others.

The app can be used in 2 ways described below:

  • Stand-Alone Product
  • Managed Product

One can use the ABA Home version that is specially designed for parents to take care of their child’s ABA therapy at home. When using the app as a standalone product, a parent cannot share the child’s account with external therapists and cannot see the statistics.

On the other hand, therapists can use the Pro edition as a standalone product to help students get the most out of their training.

However, when both parents and therapists have the app installed, it gives them the ability to use it as a managed product.

By using DrOmnibus Pro, a therapist can share the program details online and interact with parents on the go. This ensures that parents and therapists interact on a better level while cooperating with each other, thus ensuring the child succeeds in his learning programme at an optimum pace.

But how does the workflow happen? Or to be precise, how does the app work?

To understand in-depth, we at AutisMag created two IDs and involved one of our children who is diagnosed with autism.

We started with DrOmnibus Pro and followed the necessary instructions to get started with the app.

We observed during the course of our review that the therapist can comfortably access the entire set of instructions through the desktop version of the app.

Autism and DrOmnibus

Before you sign up with a therapist, your therapist should make sure he/she sends an invite. After your acceptance of the invitation, you will both be able to interact online.

You will receive a mail invite from the therapist. Click the ‘ACCEPT INVITE’ so the therapist can easily assign important learning tasks to your child and monitor necessary activities that are performed on the app.

After the invitation is accepted, the therapist can access the child’s profile and assign necessary tasks, or “HOMEWORK”.

As soon as your child is assigned a task, you will receive a notification about the impending tasks that need to be completed.

Your child can begin his learning activities right away!

Parents should ensure that their children complete the tasks assigned. Although there are no time limits, it is advisable to use the app for no more than 15 to 20 minutes each day to keep the child’s interest levels intact.

The child needs to select the right Color in the Assigned Learning Tutorial

There are 10 levels that need to be completed for each assignment, and after completion, the scores will be shown every time.

When children complete each level successfully, they are given a BONUS: “They can play a game of their choice for 30 seconds before they return to their learning course again.”

The therapist can view all the details about how a child is progressing and can help parents with necessary advice.

The latency between connected devices seems to be negligible. At all times it should be noted that these apps are not meant to diagnose any condition and rather should be used as an informative tool that assists one in easing the learning process.

Things to know about the Communication Apps for Autism

When our team at AutisMag got in touch with the company to get more details that would benefit the consumer, we uncovered an interesting thought process demonstrated by the company:

  • The company believes updates should never be time-limited and when you are the subscriber, you receive each and every app update and around-the-clock support.
  • Easy prompts and fun activities with an integrated colorful interface to cater to the needs of children diagnosed with autism, which helps in assisting and complementing their current ABA therapies
  • Token-based reward systems to encourage children
  • The app helps parents to assess their child’s progress through automatically generated reports.

Who Can Use this Speech Therapy Autism App?

Although this app can be used by any child between 3 and 6 years old with a communicative disability, it is more closely geared towards children diagnosed with autism.

Dr.Omnibus Speech Therapy App – Case Studies

Any review would be incomplete without the necessary case studies in place. Let us help you with some interesting reviews from parents who found this app useful.

Chantale Dupuis

Chantale Dupuis, a mother of two beautiful autistic children, says, “As a mother of two children diagnosed with autism, I was worried about their learning process and was constantly on the lookout for educational tools out there on the market.” She further says, “I am an active member of multiple Facebook groups and came to know about the speech therapy apps for autism from one such group.”

Chantale says that the one thing that aroused her interest in the app after the free trial period was its clean design and seemingly easy navigation process. She further explains, “My children used to coerce me into firing up the app at almost any time.”

“This made me stick to the app and I happily subscribed, since as a mother, I opt for anything without a second thought if it interests my children.”

When Chantale was further interviewed to understand how the app had been crucial in motivating her children, she explains, “Although my children have extreme autism symptoms and both are on opposite ends of the spectrum, they are equally excited about the play activities and token rewards.”

The mother further adds, “Despite trying many apps available on the market, I believe and strongly agree that DrOmnibus apps are must-have ABA autism apps.”

She continues, “I have a son who is youngest of all and has high-functioning autism. He is passionate about sound quizzes and enjoys the music of the quiz game that plays in the background.”

Chantale adds another interesting note, “Whenever I need to feed my children with their regular fruit bowls, I fire up the app on my phone and make them do the fruit task.” She happily says, “Although the feeding thing is nowhere mentioned in the product specs, we still need to spread awareness, especially if it’s something positive.”

The mother finds the ‘Concept Tasks’ a particularly helpful feature of the app and says, “Concepts are difficult to teach children whether they are on the autism spectrum or not, and this is one of the most important features of the app.”

She concludes by saying, “I strongly recommend this app for those who are on the lookout for something related to concept tasks and thank the creators behind this helpful product.”


Connie, a mother of an autistic child, says, “I have been using DrOmnibus for more than a year. My children are better able to concentrate today and they are technology-loving kids.”

She further adds, “Although they initially spent most of their time on the app, I limit their time now to help them concentrate on other tasks.”

Connie further explains that she has been relieved of all the difficult tasks she once thought were difficult to master, and today, she is a proud mother of an autistic child who is on his way to mastering vocabulary.

“Anyone looking to improve their child’s patience and concentration levels must try this app!” explains Connie.

She concludes by saying, “DrOmnibus is a valuable learning tool for kids because it helps to relieve the parental pressure of having to create valuable tasks to help their autistic kids learn.”

Video Case Study of Aldryn

See how Aldryn uses ABA Dr.Omnibus Communication and Speech therapy Autism app to successfully meet his learning goals.


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