Growing Concerns over Autism Treatment Waiting Lists

MONTREAL: Charlotte Kuhn, aged 5,  has for larger part of her life been a mute member on the waiting list. Her parents Dan and Lynn had patiently waited for 3 long years just for an official diagnosis of their child’s disorder.

Charlotte and the Kuhn Family have been on the ASD Treatment waitlist for more than a year.
Charlotte and the Kuhn Family have been on the ASD Treatment waitlist for more than a year.

This, they required in order to have access to the government services. The Kuhns were earlier communicated by the authorities who promised to have the Charlotte prioritized and given an ample number of hours of speech related therapy every week before the child commenced her pre schooling.

Their neighbors, residents of St. Henri further quoted that Charlotte has been waiting for over four tedious years. They blamed the authorities for not keeping up to their word.

Unfortunately, they still continue to wait for the therapy sessions the child needs to undertake, in order to improve and work on her condition. Presently the Charlotte can speak lesser then ten words. This could be a serious setback for Charlotte given that recent studies have pronounced that earlier interventions lead to better results.

The authorities were further blamed for being ignorant towards the need of an autistic child, since getting speech therapy done for Charlotte’s sister, her twin, Simone was of no problem.

The Kuhn’s pointed to the fact, that since Simone was not diagnosed and did not demonstrate strong autism symptoms, she did not have to wait for access to public service.

Though Mr. Kuhn pointed at the fact that he was well aware of Charlotte’s issue when she was just 18 month old; the family had decided to consult a specialist before planning the way forward. As a result, the wait extended to more than two years before a formal diagnosis could be carried out.

Mr. Kuhn also pointed to his other concern, stating that the agency where Charlotte was diagnosed has informed the family that she is no longer on a high priority radar.

Instead, they will focus on other workshops and she can expect help by September 2017.

He further expressed his frustration by stating how the authorities react to such cases. Mr. Kuhn said if you have money, then there is nothing to worry, else parents have to go through one hoop after another. He further went on to add that the needs of autistic children cannot be ignored in this manner.

A spokesperson for the ministry, Bianca Boutin, commented that the Charlotte’s case is not as has been projected by media. Rather when a patient grows to an age, in this case 5, it gets difficult for them to concentrate on a 20 hour class per week.

The Kuhn family went on to add, they have given up all hopes on the authorities and they are using social media to fund Charlotte’s therapy.

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