Project Lifesaver initiative on Advanced Neurotransmitters poised to make a difference – Experts believe

Oliver Jack, a 5-year-old autistic boy, loved to play in the water and enjoyed wading. Unfortunately, the boy wandered into shallow waters and drowned in a pond located near his home. Authorities say the young boy had been missing for 5 to 6 hours before divers could find his body. Sebastian, an 8-year-old child, was … Read more

The Journey of an 18 Year Old in Understanding the Many Facets of Autism Treatments

For 18-year-old Mattie Seaman, the autism journey and its related disorders have been a long-associated topic with an autistic relative. Mattie says, “We have an autistic family member, and we’ve always believed that investing our time to learn more about the symptoms pays off.” She further adds I have been looking forward to exploring more … Read more

The Importance of Self-Esteem for Kids with Learning and Attention Issues

Oftentimes, people tend to use unique phrases such as “Self-Esteem” when talking about raising kids. However, have you ever wondered about the real meaning behind it? Further, why do you think it is a greater issue when it involves children with attention issues and learning disorders? A child’s self-esteem can be defined in simple terms … Read more

Youngsters with Autism More Likely to Visit Hospital Emergency Wards: Statisticians Believe

Youngsters with ASD are found to use emergency department services four times more often than their neurotypical peers, according to a recent study by researchers from Penn State College of Medicine. The findings stress the need for better access to speciality services for autistic individuals. To carry out the study, the researchers browsed through copies … Read more

Two Souls in New York to Whom Adult Autism Diagnosis was a Relief!

Ever wondered how a person feels when he or she is diagnosed with Autism in their adulthood? Maria and Jake are two such New Yorkers who candidly share their experiences. Maria Paige – 38, Stage Manager, New York Maria says she had heard the word autism at an early age of 10 while watching her favorite show “Rain Man”. However, during her … Read more

Why Autism Diagnosis Standards Must Stop Overlooking Functional Ability of Individuals

There are many ways to highlight behavioral issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. It has also been one of the hot topics for discussions over the last four years, regarding the methods that could be adopted to understand and interpret mental conditions. The Diagnostic Elements The three main points to make a note of when understanding a mental condition are: … Read more

An Emotional Moment: Mother of an Autistic Boy gets hugged by Duchess Kate Middleton

London – A mother of an autistic boy could not control her tears when her son expressed his daily struggles to the Cambridge duchess during an awards function. The young boy is diagnosed with autism. The Duchess lovingly consoled the mother – Ceri Knapton from Preston, Lancashire and put her arms around Ceri. Ethan, Knapton’s son … Read more

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