What is Naturalistic Intervention & How Does it Work?

Naturalistic intervention is a collection of practices including environmental arrangement, interaction techniques, and strategies based on applied behavior analysis principles. These practices are designed to encourage specific target behaviors based on learners’ interests by building more complex skills that are naturally reinforcing and appropriate to the interaction. Why Use Naturalistic Intervention? Naturalistic intervention can be used to help learners communicate or become more … Read more

What is Functional Behavior Assessment? – Understanding FBA for Autism

Three-functional-assessment-methods—Functional behavior assessment (FBA), considered an evidence-based practice for use with students with Autism Spectrum Condition, is a process designed to gather information about the purpose a behavior serves for an individual. It is important to emphasize that FBA is a process—not a form or a single procedure, but the organic application of a set of … Read more

Restricted Patterns of Behaviors, Interests & Activities for Autism – FAQ

Question: What are restricted patterns of behaviors, interests, and activities? Answer: These are behaviors and interests that are repetitive and can interfere with learning. Behaviors can include interests that are very intense and sometimes odd, non-functional routines, repetitive motor movements, and preoccupation with parts of things. Question: Is a special interest always about something odd, like … Read more

Managing Difficult Behaviors of Autistic Children

Here are some thoughts on how to manage difficult behaviors of an autistic child. While restricted and repetitive behaviors are key components of the diagnostic definition of Autism, several other behavioral symptoms may be present in children with Autism; some common ones are: mood volatility, inattention, hyperactivity, aggression, and self-injury. To a large extent, medication can be used … Read more

Strategies to Prevent Autistic Children from Wandering away from Home

Diallo Alex Jr, age10, is a ‘runner’ – a term given to children who are constantly wandering off! Diallo is autistic. The Case Study of Diallo and his Wandering Instincts Like many kids with autism, his reaction to sound, is different from normal children. He enjoys the clicking sound of a pen, or the tinkling … Read more

The Ultimate Water Safety Guide for Children with Autism

While Autism continues to be on the rise, many parents, caregivers and educators are often clueless about protecting the young from water-borne dangers. Danger from water doesn’t only mean water-borne diseases but also the possibility of drowning. The condition itself adds to the increase in the risk of such extreme possibilities. Drowning is a leading cause … Read more

Classroom Intervention Strategies for ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities

Handling attention deficient disorder in children or those who have hard time learning due to a slightly different brain circuitry throw real challenges to any teacher. In a classroom, the number is usually more than one, so it’s tougher for the classroom teacher to cope with ADHD and learning challenges for multiple students in a … Read more

Getting Ready for an Autism Friendly Halloween this Festive Season

Traditions are always much awaited and filled with loads of excitement, as well as entertainment. Halloween is one such tradition. However, social and cultural events like Halloween can sometimes be extremely challenging for autistic children. Few might tend to struggle in grasping the concept since Halloween activities are basically imagining, spontaneous interactions as well as … Read more

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