Understanding the neuropsychology of ASD symptoms: Seeing the world through your child’s eyes

  Caring for a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) could be stressful for parents and families. While children with ASD have unique strengths, coping with their challenges and maladaptive behaviors (e.g., aggression, repetitive activities) could elicit significant stress in parents and families. It is often helpful for parents to be equipped with valid information … Read more

Are Adults with Aspie at Higher Risk of Suicidal Tendencies?

Adults with Aspergers are seen to be nine times likelier to experience suicide triggering thoughts compared to the general population as per a recent clinical study. The study involved a controlled group survey involving 118 women and 256 men. These individuals had a successful Asperger diagnosis between 2004 and 2013. Consecutive studies involving the behavior … Read more

ADHD and Sexuality: It’s Effect and Correlation

ADHD is a mental disorder that is characterized by a tirade of symptoms such as excessive activity, issues with focus and attention or difficulties controlling an individual’s behavior. ADHD symptoms can also affect romantic relationships that might end in limiting a person’s ability to perform sexually. However, it should also be noted that these markers … Read more

Are Autistic Teens Gullible to Peer Bullying

Autistic teenagers who have difficulties in their social environment are observed to be victims of depressive symptoms and are prone to bullying. Researchers based out of the University of Bristol used series of planned questionnaires, genetic information and clinical trials on 6090 young individuals based out of the 90s longitudinal study. During the course of … Read more

Researchers Develop Autism Symptoms Self-Assessment Resource Kit for Adults

A questionnaire designed to measure the restricted and repetitive behaviors in adults, with autism condition, is a helpful tool in evaluating autism symptoms online. Autism test adult is observed to be one of the first effective self-assessment tools for a core symptom evaluation of autism in adults. The questionnaire attempts to measure the repetitive behaviors … Read more

Autism Condition’s Social Deficits Reversed Using an Anti-Cancer Drug

Social difficulties are seen to be the most devastating of all the challenges that occur with an autism diagnosis. However, it should be noted that autism condition is incurable. A recent study, involving researchers from the University of Buffalo, reveal it might be possible to use single compounds in an attempt to alleviate behavioral symptoms … Read more

Optimism may help reduce Stress Levels that impacts mum having Teems with Autism

Being a teenager and parenting one are two different sides of a coin. However, when we factor in intellectual disabilities or an autism diagnosis, one will likely undergo many changes and challenges within his/her family. Jan Blacher, an autism subject matter expert and a renowned professor from the University of California, says, “The visible effects … Read more

Can Pregnant Mothers Prevent Children from Being Autistic by Effective Use of Multivitamins?

Can autism risk for newborns be reduced by continual use of multivitamins by expectant mothers? A recent study has shed a positive light on the subject. Brian Lee, co-author of the study from the Dornsife School in Philadelphia, along with colleagues, highlights that the study being carried out by the team is observational. However, the … Read more

Are Inflamed Support Cells to be Blamed for Autism?

Modeling the existing interplay between astrocytes and neurons that were derived from autistic children, researchers at the University of California highlight that inflammations appear to contribute to the existing neuronal dysfunctions in few forms of the existing disease. The findings further showcase that astrocytes, also known as the supporting brain cells, have a greater role … Read more

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