Is There a Connection Between ADHD and Fatigue

How often have we heard people describing individuals with ADHD as having “high energy levels”? Well, you are not alone if you ever wondered, “if only”. Researchers have explained that ADHD equals hyperactivity and in turn, hyperactivity equals energizer. Therefore, purely by the logic of deduction, this implies ADHD is also related to the energizer. However, few … Read more

How Stable are Autistic people in their Jobs?

Better understanding, consistency, and expertise can all suffer if an individual with Autism finds the social aspects of a workplace more difficult to deal with than the work. While other countries are offering incentives to encourage companies to be Autism-friendly and job interviewers to keep in mind the social and cognitive differences versus considerable potential ratio, the U.S Government and its … Read more

Experiences of a Working Adult with Autism

Work experiences of Autism-affected adults have recently been studied through research sponsored by the SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council). The Faculty of Social Work ran the study in collaboration with Werklund School of Education. Two of the researchers, David Nicholas of Social Work and Theresa Jubenville of Werklund, explored ways of building more inclusive workplaces to encourage Autistic adults’ marketable skills … Read more

Relationship Between Autism in the Workplace and Age of Diagnosis

Summary of a recent Study Developmental disabilities have garnered little attention in research that focuses on workplace stigma and identity management. But this study shows that the Autism Spectrum Condition makes navigating the workplace complex. The severity and type of Autism often determine how difficult work challenges can be for a person with autism, along with other aspects … Read more

How to Work with Someone having ADHD

Identifying people with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and/or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) requires understanding the difficulties involved in managing the person. It requires taking specific steps that can make interactions easier and supervising their daily jobs less painful. It’s surprising that a celebrity like Rick Green (comedy writer, comedian, producer and director) suffered from … Read more

Two Souls in New York to Whom Adult Autism Diagnosis was a Relief!

Ever wondered how a person feels when he or she is diagnosed with Autism in their adulthood? Maria and Jake are two such New Yorkers who candidly share their experiences. Maria Paige – 38, Stage Manager, New York Maria says she had heard the word autism at an early age of 10 while watching her favorite show “Rain Man”. However, during her … Read more

Touchpoints Buzzies Wearable Device for Autism and ADHD – Get the Buzz?

Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation-Tactile Technology, abbreviated as BLAST, has been in use clinically for a while now. The technology is mostly associated with EDMR therapy, or the Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, which is a commonly used method to treat PTSD, anxiety, phobias and other associated psychological disorders. It was noted by Amy Serin that while … Read more

Legislation Bill Proposed to Reduce Intellectual Disability Waitlists

A group comprising of non-profit social services to differently abled people is proposing a new legislation that aims to shorten waiting lists by raising the reimbursement rates allocated for these organisations. VISIT: Top Nonprofit Autism Organizations in U.S The nonprofit leaders explained the model and said the increase in the reimbursement rates could help them to … Read more

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