TouchPoints™ (formerly Buzzies) Review – How do they work for Autism, ADHD and Anxiety?

Sometimes back, we reported the launch of TouchPoints™ (initially known as Buzzies) – by Arizona based startup, Touchpoint Solution; an event that the media and critics hailed as a true ‘Game Changer’ in the field of neuroscience. This is specially true when we consider adults and kids with Autism and ADHD.

If you are wondering how do these TouchPoints™ work and are keen to understand what this wearable product is all about, check out their website or read the detailed review below.

Today, we will share a detailed review this path-breaking innovation and explain exactly how these TouchPoints™ can transform the lives of kids and adults with Autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression and sensory processing dysfunctions.

Spoiler’s Alert! Let’s face it, we are all busy in our daily lives. So while this post is the most comprehensive TouchPoints™ review done till date, I understand that many of you may not have enough time at hand to go through the full story.

So let me give out the essential details to start with. For those of you looking for a deep dive TouchPoints™ review, keep reading..

LATEST: TouchPoints™ are now available for Pre-order in Australia. Check it out here.

TouchPoints™ User Specs Review:

TouchPoints™ Product Overview

Kit Specifications:

  • Standard Kit has 2 TouchPoints™ devices (or 1 set), USB Charger, detailed user guide and watchbands
  • There is a Family Pack consisting of 8 devices (4 sets).
  • Institutional Pack consisting of 20 TouchPoint™ devices (10 sets) also available for organizations.

Known Benefits: Following are some of the known benefits of TouchPoints™ (further down, we present some proof points based on statistical studies along with real life case studies):

  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety. The company claims that using TouchPoints™ could reduce up to 70% stress in less than 30 seconds)
  • Improves Focus and Attention span
  • Reduces Cravings
  • Improves Performance on daily living activities
  • Anger Management

Also Helps in: In many cases, TouchPoints™ are also known to have positive effects for the following:

  • Reduced Pain
  • More Calm
  • Better Sleep

Availability: The kit is available for sale in USA and Canada. It is about to launch in Australia and UK in April, 2018 and is currently taking preorders.

App Support: Yes! Supports both Android and iOS. See below for a detailed App review.

Price: All prices are tax inclusive.

  • TouchPoints™ Basic:  US$189. Currently taking preorders in Australia for AUD 225 AUD189
  • TouchPoints™ Original: US$259. Currently taking preorders in Australia for AUD 345 AUD289


  • Shipping is free in U.S. for orders over $100.
  • Free shipping in Australia for orders over $40
  • International shipping is available but at additional cost.

Warrantee & Refunds:TouchPoint Solutions offers a 100% Satisfaction guarantee with a standard 1 year replacement warranty. If you are not fully satisfied with the product, or the Touchpoints do not work for you, they will either offer you a replacement or your money back!

Side Effects: The Touchpoint devices are non-intrusive by design. There is no known negative side effects of the product as of today.

FDA Approval: Given the non intrusive nature of Touchpoint, it is considered, more as a lifestyle product and hence doesn’t require any FDA approval.

Where to Buy: To buy Touchpoint, click this link to the Touchpoint Solutions store.

Overall Verdict..

Touchpoint was initially launched as part of Buzzies Kickstarter – an online crowd-funding campaign to provide the financial means for the company’s production launch.

Since its market release, TouchPoints™ has become an overnight success and the company faced severe order backlogs reaching 6 to 8 weeks due to unanticipated and overwhelming demand!

While the waiting periods have now somewhat eased, the product’s popularity demonstrates the positive impact that using TouchPoints™ has had on peoples’ lives, and has eased any doubts in minds of potential consumers.

Though the product is still pending a patent, it is quite safe to conclude that the TouchPoints™ revolution may have already kicked in. Interested consumers should avoid long waiting times by securing their device from the official TouchPoints™ website by clicking the below link:




How do TouchPoints™ Work?

Touchpoint Solution’s tagline for TouchPoints™ goes like this:

Reduce up to 70% Stress in less than 30 seconds

But how does that work? Magic? No, let me explain..

BLAST Technology (Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation-Tactile Technology)! In plain English, TouchPoints™ work by interfering with the stress response of a person’s body.

The use of BLAST technology is based on pre-established set of treatments and scientific researches. However, Dr Serin, the innovator behind TouchPoints™ has adopted this tried and tested technology and used it in completely different settings – as a wearable device.

TouchPoints™ are not intended for use to treat medical conditions and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice. TouchPoints™ are general-wellness devices that could be used daily.

Quick Review of the TouchPoints™ App

TouchPoints™ could be triggered via your smartphone or tablet App. The Apps seems intuitive and supports both Android and iOS versions. The interface is clean easy to navigate. The latency between when the device is triggered via the app to when the device fires is negligible – which is great! Check out the video:

Who can use TouchPoints™ as an Anxiety wearable Device?

The common misconception in the market is that TouchPoints™ only works for people with Autism and/or ADHD. This is not quite true!

Although the device was primarily designed for ADHD and Autistic individuals, anyone can benefit from its use.

According to the product guidelines, TouchPoints™ is meant to work for anyone who is prone to stress, anxiety, depression, or even anger cravings.

The makers of TouchPoints™ believe that the product even works to improve performance and ease stressful situations, such as exam pressures or de-stressing before an important meeting.

You can wear it on either of your wrists, keep it in your socks or just clip it to your belt. The choice is yours—but remember that the device will make a buzzing sound (20% less than your smartphone on vibration mode)!

Feels like something you might need?


Remember, TouchPoints™ is not water proof! (It can withstand minor water contact, just like any other electronic device, but it should not be used while swimming, bathing etc.)

Do TouchPoints™ Work for Autism & ADHD?

Studies show that continued stress can lead to serious longer term medical conditions. The good news is that people have been reporting noticeable changes after using the TouchPoints™ device.

Statistical Review on Effect of TouchPoints™

Recent studies have analyzed statistical data from the newly created TouchPoints™ user base of 140 individuals. The data shows how people have experienced a 74% change in their stress levels, and an additional 68% reduction in their stress-related body sensations.

Here is some evidence that the group collected as part of their TouchPoints™ Challenge campaign:

Graph showing Reduction in Stress Level after using Buzzies
The bar graph depicts data from 140 TouchPoints™ users who rated their stress levels on a scale of 0 (no stress) and 10 (extreme stress) before TouchPoints™ and again 30 seconds after they used TouchPoints™.
Graph showing Reduction in body sensation issues after using Buzzies
This graph summarizes data from the same 140 TouchPoints™ users who rated their intensity of body sensations related to stress on a scale of 0 (no stress) and 10 (extreme stress) before TouchPoints™ and again 30 seconds after using TouchPoints™.
Buzzies Reviews from 597 users on Stree factors
The average starting stress level was 7.49 and after just 30 seconds of use, it dropped to 1.93, which is clinically significant.
Buzzies for autism reviews on same 597 users
The average intensity of the distressing body sensations was 4.9 and after just 30 seconds of use, it dropped to 1.56, which is clinically significant.

The new evidence combined with archived benefits of BLAST technology suggests that there is a consistent trend towards giving users significant relief from physiological and psychological stress in about 30 seconds.

This data represents a research milestone because replicating data in different conditions is important for validating the science behind TouchPoints™.

, said Dr. Serin.

TouchPoints™ Case Studies

This TouchPoints™ review would be incomplete without any case studies. So let me start with this press coverage of youngster with Autism using TouchPoints™ to keep him calm.

Following is a testimonial from Brian

See TouchPoints™ at work for a child with Autism

Other Regular Folks Using TouchPoints™


Brandon, a marketing consultant, uses TouchPoints™ to stay more productive at work. He suffered from stress and tension due to his work commitments.

He is thankful for the invention of TouchPoints™ which has had a miraculous effect on him and has also improved his family life.


Tim, a marine vet, is 39 years old with five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan under his belt, having experienced regular exposure to conflicts and life-threatening situations. Tim applauds the invention of TouchPoints™ and says it is a must-have tool for him and his colleagues.

“I first started using TouchPoints™ during very stressful situations, like dealing with difficult business situations, or my ex; now I find myself wanting to apply TouchPoints™’ calming results to all personal and professional relationships, emails, meetings, and decision making. I gain a special confidence knowing my decisions are driven by facts, void of counter-productive fear and anxiety,” says Tim


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