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Meet the AutisMag team! Our dedicated team of News writers, Journalists and Editors work tirelessly to ensure that any recent development related to Autism reaches you first!


Shaeri Datta
Editor in Chief – AutisMag

I am Shaeri, the Editor in Chief of DW Autism. Every piece of story on AutisMag passes reaches you only after it has passed through my desk. Autism, in general, is difficult to understand for most people and our mission is to spread awareness and advocacy around the myriad of challenges that people with Autism face on a day to day basis 🙂

I am really glad to be associated with DW Autism as it provides me an opportunity to spread social awareness about this spectrum condition and to encourage families with Autism to hold faith that future is definitely going to be brighter.


Mary Alexa
Specialist Writer – AutisMag

Hi Folks, this is Mary Alexa – a Certified K-12 counsellor and Autism Specialist. My passion lies in devising Autism therapy strategies that help to effectively integrate children with Autism into the mainstream society.

What motivates me most about my job as a Specialist Writer for AutisMag is being able to reach out to thousands of parents and concerned adults on a regular basis by reporting news stories bout the latest research and developments in the field of Autism & ADHD. Read my full story here.

Maisha Syeda
Child Psychology Practitioner – AutisMag

My name is Maisha M. Syeda, a senior Ph.D. student (Ph.D. candidate) in the School and Applied Child Psychology program at the University of Calgary. I have completed my Master’s (MSc.) in the same discipline and have also completed my undergraduation in psychology and human biology from the University of Toronto. I have also been a recipient of several provincial and national research scholarships, including the prestigious SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) Doctoral Fellowship.

I am currently pursuing a year-long doctoral, clinical residency in Washington, District of Columbia providing mental health services within the public-school system, specifically for the vulnerable child, youth, and family demographics.

I am glad to be associated with DW Autism as Child Psychology Practitioner.


Ashish Bhattacharya
Senior Correspondent – AutisMag

I am Ash and I celebrate Neurodiversity! Growing up with an elder brother with severe Autism was tough – but it has also taught me essential life lessons.

I don’t believe that people with Autism are necessarily or have any disorder (except in extreme cases). They are just different! And that is something to be proud of!
I am passionate about helping other families who may have Autism conditions in their family. So please reach out and drop me a note. I will be glad to help 🙂

zeeshan mecci

Zeeshan Mecci
Reporter & Storywriter – AutisMag

Hi, this is Zeeshan. I work as a Journalist for AutisMag and my key responsibilities include covering the latest developments in the field of Autism and ADHD. Though an Engineer by trade, I am fascinated by the world of reporting and journalism and have hence decided to take up this challenging job.

This role has provided me a great opportunity to become a subject matter expert in the field of Autism and has allowed my work to be viewed and appreciated by thousands of visitors on a daily basis


Suzane Davies
Guest Writer – AutisMag

I am Suzane Davies and I have more than 28 years of experience in working closely with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum. While a lot of my work involves developing effective strategies and tools for the Autism affected, I also enjoy writing on the social and environmental impacts of Autism.

You will find my stories primarily in the Opinion section of AutisMag. If you have any questions, drop me a note 🙂

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