Autism & ADHD Parents in Australia Rejoice with Revolutionary TouchPoints™ shipping locally

TouchPoints™ provide immediate relief from stress and anxiety in kids and adults with Autism, ADHD..

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A few months back we had reported about the launch of TouchPoints in the USA and how it literally created an overnight buzz with Media and the Autism Parenting community. See the video below:

The great news, for Aussie parents is that TouchPoints™ are now available in Australia. With immense response being garnered from the Australian market, TouchPoints have started shipping their revolutionary neuroscience based wearable devices locally.

Marlene McDougnah, who lives in Byron Bay with her 6-year-old son with ASD says,

I am excited with this news… I have initially ordered them from the US, but its great now that I will receive support and replacement locally

And Autism and ADHD parents are already heading in large numbers to the Australian TouchPoints™ Official Store  to secure the new generation Basic or Original version devices for their kids.

Back at TouchPoints headquarters in Arizona, USA, the CEO, Vicki Mayo excitedly comments,

There is a sense of great excitement and the atmosphere is completely charged up with the lovely response we are garnering from our latest market.


In fact, the Co-founder and inventor of this revolutionary and 100% non-invasive neuroscience based device, Dr Amy Serin, has recorded a personal welcome video for all Aussies..

Watch the video below, shared from the Australian website:

Video Courtesy – TouchPoint Solutions Australia website

TouchPoints are wearable devices that provides immediate relief from stressful and anxious situations. Quite interestingly, TouchPoints have found takers not just with people with autism and ADHD, but with also busy executives and everyone else.

Reuben, from Perth, a teenager with Asperger’s and severe ADHD is one of the latest fans of TouchPoints… He says,

I was initially hesitant to use TouchPoints given its cost and it being locally unavailable, back here in Australia. However, when the team explained to me about its availability and the many benefits TouchPoints offer coupled with 30 days money back guarantee, I was sold. I have been using these devices for a couple of months now, and I can’t imagine being without these


Today, after using TouchPoints, I am relieved of having made the correct decision. Now, I am able to better think and maintain my temper in an acceptable manner, explains Reuben.

Rosetta Warlow, a busy worked out mum from Toowomba, QLD says,

Today, with TouchPoints on, I am better able to manage my monstrous work-life and my nitty-gritty hyperactive children, with ease.

For more information on TouchPoints, or to buy your own devices, please go to the TouchPoints™ Solutions Australia Official website.

Have you experienced TouchPoints? Feel free to join the fastest growing bandwagon and do share your experience with TouchPoints in the comment section below.

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