What to do when your child refuses to dress up

Hello!  Welcome to our new series on 1 Minute Ideas – simple easy to use strategies to help you get on with the rest of the day. I am Ash. Today’s idea is about Dealing with Dressing up! Mornings are hard, the rush is terrible and we really do not need an added meltdown, even though … Read more

Can Early Schooling Lead to Erroneous ADHD Diagnosis?

Recent data estimates highlight about age gaps, particularly in the initial stage of a child’s schooling, to make a huge difference when it comes to understanding their behavior. However, the larger question remains! Could being younger than the other pupils in the class risk a child being subjected to a false diagnosis of ADHD? A … Read more

Protein Trafficking: Can it hold the Clue to Understanding Autism?

Can proteins whose mutations are seen in autistic people hold a clue to understanding autism and other related neurodevelopmental conditions? A recent study highlights about the protein ASTN 2, also known as Astrotactin, can extradite the receptors neuron receptors away and could also prevent the accumulation of proteins. That being said, researchers argue, neuronal connections … Read more

Autism and Special Interests: Exploring the Other Side

Christina, a speech professor, and a researcher recalls one of her young clients, a child diagnosed with autism condition, loved to recite new words that she discovered while going through her dictionary. “She read every word absolutely fine although she did not understand or comprehend the meaning of every word,” explains Christina. Despite not being … Read more

How Interventional Programs Help Autistic Students

Specialized training programs that are given to teachers are seen to be helpful in assisting young students with autism condition to achieve big results, as per the observations made by researchers based out of Emory University and Florida State University. In this new study young children, who underwent educational training under teachers who had received … Read more

Are Autistic Teens Gullible to Peer Bullying

Autistic teenagers who have difficulties in their social environment are observed to be victims of depressive symptoms and are prone to bullying. Researchers based out of the University of Bristol used series of planned questionnaires, genetic information and clinical trials on 6090 young individuals based out of the 90s longitudinal study. During the course of … Read more

Understanding Autism Brain Seizures

Seizures that occur during the early life of an individual play a key role in switching synapses across the brain networks in autistic individuals. Seizures are also seen to cause neurodevelopmental delays in young people with autism and other related conditions. The study gains prior importance due to highlighting the relationship between the targeted therapies … Read more

Does Eating Fish During Pregnancy Trigger Autism?

A recent study debunked the common myth of pregnant women bearing autistic offspring due to their fish-eating habits. Researchers comment, eating fish can never be linked to autism nor does the consumption give rise to any autistic traits. Scientists based out of the University of Bristol took a note of common assumption among individuals that … Read more

Understanding Genetic Variants and their Underlying Educational Link to ADHD

A recent study investigating genetic variants that are associated with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are observed to exploit genetic overlaps between educational attainments and the individual diagnosed with the disorder. Lead author Alexey A. Sharin says, “During the course of the study, we gave prior importance to understand the genetic architectural variants underlying … Read more

Do Metabolites Help In Predicting Autism?

A method, the first of its kind, to assist medical practitioners in detecting autism has finally been designed by scientists. The method is believed to predict autism by accurately analyzing metabolic biomarkers, according to the results of the study published. Autism condition affects 1.5 percent of all children, with one child being diagnosed with the … Read more

Genes Linked to Autistic Brain anatomies

Research scientists at the University of Cambridge have successfully discovered genes that are specifically linked to the brain anatomies of children diagnosed with autism condition. Earlier studies have highlighted notable differences in the structure of the brain of individuals diagnosed with autism condition. However, up until now, researchers and scientists had remained clueless as to … Read more

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