A Survey of a Different Kind – Test of Turkish Psychiatrists


ADHD is a lifelong condition. However, when individuals diagnosed with ADHD, move from their childhood to their early teens and then to adults, there is a certain amount of transition involved.

Unfortunately, clinical practices involved during these transitions do not go down well in some places. Turkey being one among them.

An intensive research was carried out with a sole purpose of providing a data about how adults with ADHD are represented as well as taken care of in Turkey.


It was designed to carry out an analysis of Turkish psychiatrists and to understand the various treatment strategies, which they employ in understanding adults with ADHD. Their personal experiences in different clinical settings were evaluated for this purpose.

A cross-sectional surveys were designed, which were to be taken by scientists and psychiatrists of Turkish origin during May 2014.

The carefully designed survey mainly focused on many important  aspects, such as treatment environments, methods of patients transition and diagnostic processes.

It also focused on the medicinal managements of adults diagnosed with ADHD.

A rather important pattern was witnessed in the way of adults with ADHD were handled during follow ups. This helped in further understanding their confidence as well as competence when it comes in treating an adult with ADHD.

It is also interesting to note that, in Turkey, many psychiatrists who were in the capacity of diagnosing adults had no idea or prior information about the patient’s early childhood.

One of the most preferred as well as administered medicinal treatment, in Turkey, was that of stimulants. These were administered on a large scale.

Added to this most of them preferred to get psychoeducation along with medicinal treatment.

A large number of participants, were found to be incompetent to follow up as well as treat those with ADHD.

These findings highlighted the importance of increasing the awareness, knowledge as well as their skill-set about the various underlying causes of adult ADHD

This highlights the importance in having a more collective working relationship among psychiatrists as well as child specialists with ownership of various advanced technologies as well as transitional policies.

The main motto of these studies being carried out is to aim at helping the patients more effectively as well as helping specialists get technically more capable in diagnosing ADHD by recognizing the different symptoms.

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