Local Community Shows Up At Autistic Boys Birthday


Six-year-old Glenn Buratti, of St Cloud, Florida had invited all his sixteen kindergarten friends to his birthday party. None of them showed up on his special day! The incident broke his mother’s, 25-year-old Ashlee Burrati, heart and she turned to Facebook.

Talking to ABC News about the incident Ashlee Buratti said, “He was so devastated when he realized no one was coming to his birthday party that he refused to smile,…He tried to hide the fact that he was crying by pinching the bridge of his nose.

On her Facebook page, Ashlee opened up about her son’s terrible experience on his sixth birthday party. Her son Glenn has mild autism along with epilepsy.

Glenn Buratti celebrating 6th birthday
Glenn Buratti celebrating 6th birthday

The Buratti family had not received any RSVPs, however, they still hoped that some of his classmates would show up to share their little boy’s birthday.

The Osceola News-Gazette reported that little Glenn was waiting since waking up for the arrival of his friends. He had become really sad, when his mother told him that no one was really coming. Having no one to keep an invitation on a birthday has to be one of the biggest letdowns in a child’s life.

The situation is worse when the child has disorders that can impact social interaction. However, posting the incident on Facebook really turned the day to one of the best birthdays a little boy can imagine.

After Ashlee’s post on Osceola Rants Raves and Reviews List, a Facebook page, members of the page happily wanted to be a part of Glenn’s birthday, asking if they could come over with their kids.

Almost fifteen children and twenty-five adults came to Glenn Buretti’s birthday, all strangers and all wanting to spend their day with Glenn, wishing him on his special day.  They had gifts with them,  and one woman had presented him with a brand new bike.

When local firefighters showed up to Attend the party
When the local kids and firefighters showed up to attend the party


A Helicopter that was arranged to be sent
A helicopter that was arranged by Sheriff’s department to hover above Glenn’s house

As the post went viral, the community joined in, with members of the local fire service and Sheriff’s office came to pay Glenn a visit. A special helicopter flew over as the pilot waved at Glenn.

Ashlee Buratti is overwhelmed by the warmth and kindness expressed by complete strangers. From fire trucks to helicopters Glenn’s birthday gifts included everything a little boy could wish for and more. Now it seems that the initial disappointment was more of a blessing in disguise.

Local Sheriff's Department joining the party
Local Sheriff agreed to stay back for a piece of Birthday cake

This incident is indeed one of hope. Autistic people all over the world face a great many difficulties as they try to fit into the society, and not being able to make friends is one of the most common issues of children with behavioral disorders.

However, the amount of kindness and love was shown by the local community for little Glenn Buratti’s birthday is heartwarming and humbling. This is the kind of understanding society needs to have towards those who are just a little bit different from the most.

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