How to Potty Train a Child with Autism


Potty training is an important stage in a child’s life and everyone has to undergo, in their childhood, since it is a basic necessity. However for few children, who are diagnosed with autism, the same can be a complex task since they need more time to learn and manage the skills. Necessary trainings skills can be learn by taking how to potty train a child with autism session.

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How to Potty Train a Child with Autism

More often than not a child may be required to use public restrooms when the family is out for a trip or when going from destination A to destination B. Hence training a child on how to use public washrooms is a necessary task. Many parents wonder how to potty train a child with autism, since potty training a child at home is in itself a task. Then how to go about using public restrooms.

Visiting public restrooms in advance in one of the proven methods in potty training children. It helps both, parents as well as children. It helps parents in observing and noticing how their children react to places such as public rooms where noise is bound to be high and how the child shows different level of anxieties.

It is helpful for the child in seeing and understanding different situations and environment and how to adjust accordingly.

One must also note that the probability of success in potty training increases in familiar settings and related circumstances. The key to success is to use skills based on variety of settings. So for instance, we would like to prepare the child for an upcoming outing that has been planned.

How to potty train a child with autism
How to potty train a child with autism

Now as a part of the plan it would be beneficial to encourage the child to use different public washrooms. This can help in a way to prepare the child mentally about the different surroundings.

As always, try to practice patience during these trips. And award the efforts of little angels when they show improved behavior and compliment them. Giving fluids before moving out for the sole purpose of having to go to public washrooms is beneficial in helping the child since they will have enough to pass out.

However due care should be exercised since overdoing this is not advisable. This has been continually highlighted in how to potty train a child with autism.

Once the child has finished the task he can be rewarded by taking him to his favorite restaurant. But do this in a while or the chances of the child being used to these form of rewards might be an issue at a later stage as he might tend to start expecting anytime he uses the public washroom.

Hence it must be done with due care since if done correctly, it will be beneficial to a great extent. Try to use visuals even when using the bathroom in public places.

However do not nag the child when they might tend to react otherwise. Potty training autistic child offers more help and tricks for a fruitful potty training.

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