Visual Support Tools - Choice Boards 2016-02-02

3 Different Types of Choice Boards based on Complexity

  1. ashishb01
    Focus Area:
    Daily Living
    Choice boards are part of Daily Living Therapy Techniques for Autism and they help in 2 thing:
    • Learning Self Discipline, and
    • Making the right Decision (Choice)
    They could be used very efficiently with decision making games like Red Choice Green Choice.

    This resource is available for FREE download and includes:

    - VIDEO TUTORIAL on How to Use a Choice Board
    - TIP SHEET Document on Using Choice Boards
    - The Following 3 Varieties of Choice Boards:

    Simple Choice Board with 3 Options

    Medium Choice Board with 6 Options

    Complex Choice Board with 9 Options
    What are Choice Boards?

    It is visual tool with two or more choice options for an individual with Autism. These decisions/choices may be expressed as text, pictures, or could be represented by objects.

    With choice board, the individual has a visual representation with all possibilities, and has time to think about the right choice option by checking the options as often as needed, before arriving at a decision.

    Why Use Choice Boards?

    The primary objective behind using of a choice board is to present a visual representation of options. It is a strategy that aids or supports the comprehension of an auditory message and the choice situation as a workaround for the rapid disappearance of the spoken message regarding choices.

    How to Use a Choice Board?

    This resource has video instructions on how to effectively use choice boards. Also included is a tip-sheet if you don't have access to a video player.

    How to Access this Resource?

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    Enjoy ;)