Using Underlying Characteristics Checklist-High Functioning (UCC-HF) 2016-01-01

This is just a case Example of how UCC-HF is used.

  1. ashishb01
    Spectrum Type:
    Autism General
    Focus Area:
    Applies to Multiple Areas
    • Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers
    • Children
    • Adolescent
    • Adult
    NOTE: The original version of UCC-HF needs to be purchased from the publisher (link provided below). This resource is only a sample real life case study of Michele (done by the Ziggurat Group i.e.

    What is UCC?

    The Underlying Characteristics Checklists (UCC) are a set of non-standardized assessment checklists intended for use with individuals of all ages who have been diagnosed with Autism or who exhibit behaviors that are often closely related to Autism and, thus, require intervention.

    What is UCC-HF?

    The UCC-HF (for high functioning individuals) is designed to assist in developing targeted interventions and supports for individuals across their lifespan.

    The domains assessed include:
    • Restricted Patterns of Behavior
    • Interests, and Activities
    • Communication
    • Emotional Vulnerability
    • Cognitive Differences
    • Social Interactions
    • Motor Differences
    • Sensory Dysfunction
    • Medical or Other Biological Factors
    The UCC includes a parallel set of tools for identifying strengths across the same domains. This is called the Individual Strengths and Skills Inventory (ISSI). There are five versions of the UCC for use with individuals cross the lifespan.