Getting Your ADHD Child Organized in 30 Days 2015-11-14

Give us 30 Days and a bit of your sweat, and we will get your kid organized

  1. ashishb01
    Spectrum Type:
    ADHD (Attention Deficit)
    Focus Area:
    Daily Living
    • Children
    • Adolescent
    Take some time to have a good look at the above plan! For the next 1 month, you and your child are going to live and breath by this blueprint every waking moment.

    The activities in this plan have been spread across 4 weeks during which we target a specific areas of development (by the use of Initiate, Continue, Sustain and Improvement cycles). So buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride. I guarantee, on day 30, you are going to thank me for it!


    1. Download the Resource (Login Required)
    2. Print out the PDFs Charts and stick them up as mentioned in the day wise instructions
    3. IMP: Open the Useful Links txt file and click on the urls to access the day wise instruction.


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