Fun Filled Autism Sensory Activities 2016-03-29

10 Awesome Activities for Autism that are great fun!

  1. ashishb01
    Focus Area:
    Sensory Integration
    MUST READ: To learn more about these activities, please refer to our detailed post on 10 Activities for Children with Autism that are Awesome Fun - Deal with Autism

    Available for FREE download are detailed work instructions for the following 10 fun filled activities for children with Autism.
    1. Shredded Flower Bouquet
    2. Ice-painting
    3. Paint-chip Storytelling
    4. Underwater I-Spy Alphabet Bottle
    5. Matching Halves
    6. Sensory Table
    7. Oobleck Science
    8. Smelling Station
    9. Sculpt Clay Snowflakes

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