Change in Routine Card - Visual Tool for Children with Autism 2016-02-20

An excellent Visual tool to help children cope with changes in plan

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    A "Change in Routine Card" is an extremely powerful tool to prepare your child for an upcoming change.

    Most parents, dealing with Autistic children, would agree that a sudden change in routine can really upset your child. To minimize the stress on your little one, it is often advised that your child be given advanced notice every time there is a plan change.


    Note: This tool is very important part of the Strategies to Help a Child Transition through a Routine Change.

    6 Questions You need to prepare for:

    Here are the following questions that you may need to prepare for. Its best you provide the answer to these questions to your child to better set the context:
    1. What is the change?
    2. Why is the change necessary?
    3. When is the change likely to happen?
    4. How long will the change last?
    5. How frequently will the change occur?
    6. What does your Child have to do?

    How advanced the notice needs to be?

    Well, that depends on your child and the type of change.

    For example,
    This powerful autism visual support tool will allow you to do just that.

    Please refer to the detailed Tipsheet (below) on how to use this tool. Also, do not forget to download (click the RESOURCE button above) the video guide on how to use this Change in Routine Card.

    TIPSHEET on how to use the Change in Routine Card for a Child with Autism


    What is it?

    Change in Routine Card is a visual support tool to introduce and accommodate a change in the routine of a child with Autism.


    Individuals with Autism often have difficulty to handle a change in routine or transition from one activity to another. Then need to have a degree of predictability in the events of the day

    How to use this tool?
    • Photocopy the card (copy as many as needed)
    • Cut it out and laminate if required.
    When to use the tool?
    • Introduce to the child in a safe, calm and positive environment.
    • It is a good idea to start with a change where you can accommodate a sufficient amount of notice for and one that you can initiate.
    • Introduce a change that is “preferred” to start with. If a subject is being rescheduled, then start by rescheduling with a “preferred” activity so that the change is introduced as positive. Slowly transition towards non-preferred and using the card for exact and real changes in routine.
    • During planned transition from one activity to another


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