100 Day Autism Toolkit for School Goers 2015-11-15

Another Autism Speaks Toolkit to assist families of newly diagnosed school goers

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    Very similar to the 100 day Toolkit for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers,

    This toolkit is another good resource from Autism Speaks to helps families of school-going children get through the first 100 days of confirmed Autism diagnosis.

    At this stage, the children are usually a bot grown up and they seem to gain understanding that they might be a bit different from the rest of his/her classmates. The key tactic here is to ensure that the child doesn't get demoralised.


    Also, at the same time, it would be a difficult situation for you and your entire family, trying to cope with the news. This document tried to propose a workable plan that you can tailor to meet your child's and yours special circumstances.

    This toolkit is primarily for families where the diagnosed child is already attending school. Hence the other important part of spreading the awareness in school - letting the teachers know, and more importantly, the classmates. This toolkit offers some help in those directions as well.

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