100 Day Autism Toolkit for Pre-Schoolers 2015-11-15

A tool kit to assist families of young children in getting the critical information they need

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    • Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers
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    This 100 day toolkit from Autism Speaks is an ultimate resource that helps families steer through the first 100 days of diagnosis.

    This phase is usually tormenting both for the parents as well as for the children, especially if they are grown up enough to understand that something might be wrong with them.


    This resource also contains crucial tips on how to break the news to your little one so that he/she takes it with a positive vibe. The other key thing that this book focuses on, is around helping parents reconcile with the fact that their child would be different and what the parents can actually do to improve the situation both for themselves and for the child.

    This toolkit is primarily for families where the child is 4 years or younger.

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