Handling difficult Behavior during Change of Routines [Feb 02, 2016]

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    Handling Difficult Behavior during Change in Routines
    Most parents, who deal with children having Autism or ADHD, would agree that a sudden change in routine can really upset your child.

    To minimize the stress on your little one, it is often advised that your child be given advanced notice every time a change is planned.

    Providing adequate heads up and answering these 6 questions about an upcoming change can significantly reduce resistance and stress that your child usually goes through in these situations:

    6 Questions that your child wants to know:

    1. What is the change?
    2. Why is the change necessary?
    3. When is the change likely to happen?
    4. How long will the change last?
    5. How frequently will the change occur?
    6. What does your Child have to do?
    An excellent tool to manage this change is a "Change in Routine Card" like the one you see below.


    Today, we are giving away this essential visual tool for all our members.Included in this Resource are:

    • A printable copy of this Change in Routine Visual Support (in both pdf & image format)
    • Detailed TIPSHEET on what this tool is for
    • A short Video from an Autism Expert on how to use this tool
    Here is the download link for this resource. Hope you find it useful!

    Download the Change in Routine Visual Support

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