Using iPads and Other Tablets for Autism Treatment

The iPad is a wonderful visual tool. We all know that. What we don’t is it gives wonderful results to children with Autism. ASD children, as we know it, are stronger with visual skills compared to others. Additionally, the activities with iPad are repetitive, self-paced, logical and therefore, engaging. However, using tablets like an iPad might … Read more

How to Deal with ADHD & Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a neurologically-based condition and there are substantial differences in dyslexic and non-dyslexic brains. ADHD may bring the risk for an onset of dyslexia, a vastly misunderstood language-based learning disability affecting around 17 percent of the population. Take that without any prejudice or doubt. You must get your child diagnosed early, period. Sooner you … Read more

How important is Attention Span for Children with ADHD and Autism?

How tough it is for you to focus on the present? Do you struggle? Or do you find it cakewalk? Attention span: The real story For children, the ability to concentrate on a task for an extended period of time is a very important skill to develop. Recently, attention-span persistence for a bunch of 4-year olds … Read more

8 Key Strategies for Working with Families Having Autism

In our experience, successful education for a child with Autism starts with a positive working relationship between home and school. One of the biggest challenges for parents/carers and teachers is to develop an effective relationship. It is in the interest of everyone involved – child, staff, and families – that we create a positive partnership. This is … Read more

Autism and Bullying

It’s quite alarming the way school bullying is increasing! The uprise in the growth rates of the phenomenon led to numerous studies on it, all demonstrating that children with Autism stand as the most victimized lot in schools and classrooms. Their high vulnerability of being bullied exists because of social skill deficits as experienced in Autism. Available … Read more

ADHD and Autism In The Classroom

Do children with attention deficit and Autism Spectrum Disorder feel too constraint in classrooms? The harsh reality is that this is true. If you look at it from the child’s perspective, staying put in a class for hours and trying to focus on lessons is hard, remember your school days? It upsets most such children. They find it difficult … Read more

Improvements Needed For Autistic Education System

Parents, as well as many public school systems are re-evaluating the present education system for children on autism spectrum. Experts are debating over the applicability of a single-classroom-for-all system. It’s an integrated system where teachers are trained and schools are equipped to educate children with or without autism (and other disabilities) in a single classroom. … Read more

Using Autism Symptoms To Improve Reading

It is a well-known fact that most children with autism sometimes manifest a particular interest on a specific subject. They are so focused on something at a certain point, that they seem to be out of whack with reality. This is known as “preservative interest”. On this subject, an assistant professor at the University of Virginia, Michael … Read more