How to Potty Train an Autistic Child?

Wondering how to potty train an autistic child? Your potty training strategy would depend on 3 key elements. Take this 15 seconds online quiz so that our system can guide you to the potty training resource that is most appropriate for your child. Toilet training could get really hard for children with Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD. The problem … Read more

Why Choose Behavior Therapy over Medical Intervention for ADHD

When you need to choose between Behavior Therapy for Autism or ADHD Vs Medication as the right intervention strategy for your child, which one would you go for? The answer, at least as per new research tends to suggest that behavior therapy should always go first! Children who are initiated to ADHD treatment along with behavior therapy … Read more

10 Ways To Handle Violent Autistic Behaviour

Responding to violent autistic behavior in toddlers and children requires significant parental considerations. Interspersions, not intensities; will worsen the behavior further for the child. For example, lets take Adam, who likes hit the child next to him in school because he likes to hear the other child’s reaction–“He hit me!” Or, let’s talk about Sophie; who, out of jealousy, throws … Read more

Physical Therapy for Autism

There’s a difference between quackery and effective measures that are not quite a part of the rulebook. The latter can be said complementary therapies; some of these have shown – when conducted along with mainstream autism treatments – some highly-positive to excellent results. For example, thanks to Steve Dalton for enrolling his son Jaron into a … Read more

Autism and Nutrition

You can’t always define the exact what causes Autism in toddlers and children. All that scientists know is it’s the mixed result of anomalies in neurobehavioral brain function, the genetic construct greatly responsible. The normal brain functions often go awry due to genetic factors. Scientists also believe that the environment could also be a suspected cause of Autism. A … Read more

Autism Speech Therapy Strategies

Is Speech Therapy only for Autism? It’s a question that often bothers speech therapists and parents alike. It’s not just that Speech Therapy applies only to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder; it is equally effective for typically developing children if you want them to improve on their respective communication skills. Trying a few specific speech therapy exercises can come … Read more

Applied Bahavior Analysis

“What is Applied Behavioral Analysis?” That is exactly what I will answer for you today. In this post, we will talk about the science of behavioral analysis, its rich history, its characteristics and its functional utility in our everyday lives. You will discover why using behavioral analysis is important, what exactly it entails, as well … Read more

Autism Medication Strategies

Autism Medication Strategies Physicians generally follow published guidelines for managing medication and treatment of children with Autism. Many medical societies publish guidelines. For example, in the U.S.A, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) have all created and published ASD-specific guidelines for … Read more

Advocates For Music Therapy For Autism

Music has a therapeutical effect on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, said Ricky Kej, a renowned musician, and 2015 Grammy award winner. While addressing an event on autism in India, Kej expressed that through music, he wants to help children who are suffering from autism. Music therapy is an alternative to traditional means of intervention. … Read more