Could Video Games Help For Autism Treatment

Video games may help children with autism to better their social skills, according to researchers who carried out a singular study of video games and its psychological impact on subjects with autism. At a time, when video games and its violent contents are blamed for encouraging anti-social behavior among children, this study brings in a … Read more

New Research Facilitates Early Diagnosis for Autistic Language Impairments

An early prediction of good or poor language development in a child with autism is possible, according to a recent study published in the medical science journal Neuron. The prognosis is feasible through mapping brain activities in infants. The Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, as it’s called, has a pretty wide range – a person … Read more

Low Cost Genetic Swab Test May Simplify ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

Getting a right treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) patients could be a daunting task and no one knows this better than caregivers and family members of an ADHD patient. But with the launch of a new, affordable genetic test, finding a relevant ADHD treatment for a particular patient might become less arduous. A … Read more

Man With Missing Cerebellum Provides Clues To Autism Treatment

A man without cerebellum has compelled neurologists to reconsider the role of the cerebellum in a human brain. A better understanding of its function might hold new clues to the treatment of ailment caused by stroke, schizophrenia and, most importantly, autism. Many scientists now believe cerebellum, which was once thought to have a limited role in … Read more

Can Blood Test Help In Autism Diagnosis

Many scientists, around the world, studying Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are dedicated to finding an accurate and early detection test for autism. Recently, researchers at NEBA Health claimed to have developed a brainwave biomarker test to aid doctors in differentiating ADHD-affected children from others suffering from a disorder exhibiting similar symptoms. Now, researchers at University of … Read more

Opposing Theories Around ADHD Diagnosis

After our recent coverage on how biomarker can improve the accuracy of ADHD diagnosis, a new study on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) seems to have sparked some more controversy as it is considered by a few critics as potentially misleading. Yet, many others vouch for its ability to improve the accuracy of ADHD diagnosis. … Read more

Can Biomarker Improve Accuracy Of ADHD Diagnosis

A more precise diagnosis for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is now possible, claim the researchers at NEBA Health. A study, published in Brain and Behaviour, shows that NEBA, a brainwave test using electroencephalographic (EEG) biomarker, can help reduce over-diagnosis of ADHD in children. The aim of the test is to aid doctors in … Read more

Project Evo – The App For Autism Treatment

While the world is busy finding a cure, detecting a cause, discovering a pattern in the rising numbers of Autistic people, a very different approach is taking place elsewhere. Boston based Akili Interactive Labs is building cognitive games that can aid people with ADHD and Autism. Gaming— the hobby as well as the industry, has earned a bad … Read more

Could Oxytocin Be A Possible Cure For Autism

Known for its benefic properties, oxytocin is a molecule that helps mothers during childbirth and subsequently to take care of the baby during the nursing period. It helps newbie moms to bond with their babies and to develop maternal instincts. Usually, in individuals, oxytocin is also known as the “happiness molecule” which brings in self-confidence and attention towards … Read more

Using HGH May Improve Autism Social Impairments

An interesting pilot study, conducted by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, suggests that usage of growth hormones may significantly improve the social impairments associated with Autism. The researchers argue that certain insulin-like growth factors (like IGF-1) may be the reason. To support their theory, the study draws correlation between Phelan McDermid syndrome (PMD) … Read more