Celebrate Neurodiversity!

A letter from one Autism parent to another
Ash Bhattacharya, Autism dad & Program Director

Would you like to know how you can develop your child’s Social, Behaviour and Learning Skills within the next 90 Days?

From the Desk of: Ash Bhattacharya
Program Director – Autism360, Sydney, NSW

Dear Parent,

Parenting kids with Autism is both tough and rewarding at times.
Most of you would have already noticed some hidden potential in
your child.

… maybe they are great with music or numbers.
… maybe they love solving puzzles or great with building blocks
… maybe they would beat you any day with technology, iPhones or

But then….

There are those challenges that keep you awake all night..

  • Social and communication deficits…
  • Behaviour challenges…
  • Lack of attention or hyperactivity…

And you roll from one side to the other worrying…

Will they grow up to have decent lives?
Will they get a job or find a relationship?

But I have a question for you!

Aren’t we all dealing with similar challenges? Ask yourself this…

When was the last time you were in public transport and enjoyed a
conversation with a complete stranger?

Or, picked up the phone to call an old friend you haven’t spoken to
in years?

Or, standing in a long queue at your favourite fast food chain or
barista and didn’t reach out for your phone?

How do you react when you are at a store and the friendly attendant
walks over and greets, “May I help you, sir/madam?

Most times, I end up saying, “No thanks.. I am just browsing” – not
because I don’t need any help but because I feel uncomfortable
with someone around me when I am making a buying decision.

Moreover, I kinda end up feeling obliged to buy… or leave the store
in a rush.

But these weren’t the ways we (or our parents) interacted while we
were growing up.. Were they?

We were always the “Social” animal – well not so anymore. Social
Media animals, may be 🙂

But what point are you trying to make, Ash?

Glad you asked 🙂

In the 1950s, the average human attention span was 45 minutes – 

that means people will try something for 45 mins before giving up

and moving over to the next point of interest.

In 1990’s, it was 12 mins…

In 2020? It’s 6 seconds!

6 frigging seconds… Think about this number the next time you feel
your child is inattentive..

Have you ever wondered..

Why Autism numbers are on such a rise?

Why people with Autism are becoming increasingly successful in
the Technology industry?

Why your child may have significant social deficits, yet is a nerd
when it comes to working with Apps?

Call it a disorder or condition if you may… I believe it is something

Autism may well be the next phase in
Human evolution

You may not agree with me today, but in 20 years time… you will
surely find a bunch of these incredibly talented kiddos (who are
more at ease with machines, bots, and apps than with other people)
growing up and steering our race to its future.

And one of them could be your child!

But how can you help your child get ready when that day comes?

Can you leverage your child’s strengths to overcome whatever s/he is struggling with?

Yes you can, read on…


I’m working with a few amazing moms and dads to help empower
them to be able to confidently prepare their child with autism for
schooling, careers, relationships, and lives…WITHOUT the
constant need for costly therapists, psychologists, and specialists…

(You’ll be in the driver’s seat of your child’s development and
transformation, getting a tight grip on their progress and results, as
you see fit.)

Over the next 90 days…

You’ll unlock newfound levels of love and excitement with your child
and see more developmental progress in 3 months than you have
during their entire lives.

Old frustrations will melt away and be replaced with positive,
exciting moments as you understand your child’s experiences and
discover their deep, core wants and needs.

You’ll uncork an incredible new world of opportunities and
possibilities for your child that you never thought was possible.

You’ll nurture your relationship with your child and will watch it

Never again feeling “handcuffed” by relying on expensive

Do you want to know what the Future of Autism Therapy looks like?