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My child with Autism is not flawed - he or she is just different. They don't need fixing, what they want is your respect and acceptance for who they are...
Rather than focusing on gaps and inabilities, its remarkable what our kids can achieve when you play by their strengths. And we're here to show you how!
Ash Bhattacharya, Autism dad & Program Director

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Why is like no other


SMART stands for SPECIFIC.MEASURABLE.REALISTIC.ACHIEVABLE.TIME-BOUND. Creating such goals enables us to get laser focused on achieving milestones that matter the most for your child


We work with you to create a tailored 12 week plan to work on those SMART goals. Each weak is about taking baby steps... Remember, its Progress, not perfection that we are after.


You have the most significant role to play in your child's development. Not the school, not the therapists, not us... YOU! And you can only achieve the best outcome for your child when you are operating at your best version. Which is why, we provide counselling support to you as well - to create that unshakable mindset and become the best advocate for your child


Autism 360 is not an online course or a group coaching program. Its you and us... one on one! Together we roll our sleeves and get into the trenches to provide you the right support that you need, when you need it!

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See How AUTISM 360 Works..

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The Future of Autism Therapy is here...

S.M.A.R.T Goals

We start the Program by defining realistic and measurable goals that could be achieved within the next 90 days

12 Weeks Plan

Every week is laser focused on achieving a specific skillset that progressively contributes towards the goal/s

Weekly One on Ones

Your Coach (a qualified and highly experienced therapist) would be working with you one on one, every week

Self Service Portal

Autism 360 has the world's largest online repository of step-by-step data driven strategies the real therapists use on a daily basis. No other university or institute can even come close!

Buddy Support

We connect you to another parent (your buddy) around your location whose child has similar needs and is going the the program at the same time - your kids and socialise and you have a friend for life

Visual Tools & Apps

We have partnered with some of the best known Apps that help from communication to emotional regulation and learning. You get access to everything!

Autism 360° focus areas

IFAH Global TOP 50 Healthcare Company

IFAH (International Federation of Advanced HealthCare) is like the Oscars in the healthcare industry! Last year, AutisMag was the only mental and allied healthcare provider to receive this award in an elaborate ceremony hosted in Las Vegas.

IFAH Healthcare Award Autism 360u

Tired of promises that don't deliver?

Mindset and well-being support for Parents

Let’s face it – you can only achieve the BEST outcome for your child when you operate at your best version. Watch how our mindset coach Renae Tate supports our families

Our 3-STEP Mechanism

Rowena Adams
Rowena AdamsEnfield, SA
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What does it feel like to have access to a multi disciplinary team of experienced therapists at your speed dial?? You'll never find out till you join Autism 360 program.
Carina Woodford
Carina WoodfordCoburg North, VIC
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This is way better than regular therapy sessions in clinic settings where skills developed may take months to get reflected at home and school - dedication of coaches and therapists are amazing and I already feed empowered!
Anita Anand
Anita AnandMacquarie Fields, NSW
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I love this program very much. As a parent I have gained a totally new perspective of looking at (child name not disclosed) and understanding his needs and his behaviour. It also gave me more time to understand the learnings from Stacy and then try applying them. All other therapies are focused towards the kid while 360 program really helps and empowers parents on dealing the issues with our child and how to be present while doing so. I am very grateful to you Ash for taking (child name not disclosed) on this program and feel lucky to get to learn so much from the Coach in every session.

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Autism 360 is the largest and most active community of Autism parents and professionals globally. Join 10,000+ Autism families and become part of a movement

Application Process for NDIS Participants

Autism 360 NDIS Process

Direct from mums & dads

What does it feel like to be part of Autism 360

Ayesha Haque

Port Adeleide, SA

Cheryl Talbot

Urraween, QLD – Grandma and primary caregiver for Crystal

Marion Faivre

Paris, France

Andrew Mills - AU 360 Customer

Andrew Mills

Wagga, NSW

My 5 year old Evan would start school this year. Having completed Autism 360, I feel very confident. I can now create my own strategies to ensure that he doesn’t fall behind in school and his Autism related gaps are adequately taken care of.

Dale Cameroon - AU 360 Customer

Dale Cameron

Turramurra, NSW

As an Australian expat living in Germany, I was going through a massive challenge in developing Irwin’s communication skills. One my 3 yo was nonverbal and compounding to that, there was this language barrier at as local support here is in German language. I don’t know what I would be doing without Autism 360

Tricia - AU 360 Customer

Tricia Alice

Gold Coast, QLD

I would recommend Autism 360 hands down! Ash and his team’s guidance has been a life saver to help me understand the challenges faced by my 8 year old ASD twins. As a parent, I now see infinite potential in my kids. #feelingEmpowered 

Sreerupa Auditto

Broken Hill, NSW

Leadership Team @ Autism 360

Ash Bhattacharya
CEO, Founder

Ash is the director of Autism 360 program and manages its operations in US, Canada and Australia. An Autism dad himself, Ash is based out of Sydney, Australia


your common questions answered

Development is a lifelong journey, right? Then why is Autism 360 only for 90 days?Well, we keep it short because that way its not sooo long that things keep dragging till no end and we all loose the motivation and urgency… Imagine going through a program for 1 year – just keeps going on and on. On the other hand, 90 days is not too short either to target a specific skill and achieve some massive improvements in that department.. So we we focus on specific skills for 90 days at a time and then what most parents do is they roll over to another 90 days with a new set of goals.

Yes, we are registered with NDIS. Our NDIS Provider number is 4050059671

Zero! There is nothing to pay upfront. We invoice your child’s plan only after we have delivered the service to your satisfaction. We don’t want to take your money in advance if we cant deliver life changing outcome for you.

We are approved across the Individual Capacity Building budget category. Depending upon your child’s goals, most of our clients would use one of the following budget line items to get the program fully funded

  • CB Daily
  • CB Social
  • CB Relationships

Absolutely! Whether you are Self Managed, Plan Managed or directly with NDIA, you can use your NDIS funding to pay up to 100% of the Program fees in most cases.

Most kids with Autism are unique, and so are their needs and challenges. First, we need to evaluate whether we’re in a position to help with your needs; which is why we request you to fill out the application form and then book a call with us. Based on your child’s goals and your preferences, we will work out the best cost model for you during our call.

Note: If you are managed directly with NDIS, we will invoice the agency directly. Similarly, if you are currently using a Plan manager, we will be sending them the invoice.

Yes! The program is accessible from most location in Australia. We will explain in how it works in detail once you apply

Its 3 months to start with.Though in more than 80% cases, parents find our approach so effective that they end up renewing at the end of each term. An average member spends anywhere between 9 to 12 months with us.  

Your effort will be directly proportional to the development that you will see in your child’s social, behavioural, cognitive and learning skills. On an average, stay at home parents spend anywhere between 5 to 7 hours a week (approx 1 hr a day) and working parents tend to spend 4 to 5 hours a week (approx 45mins a day) to see results.

Note: Please do not apply if you are unable to invest much time working with your child in the program. 

Yes. Improving speech and communication skills is one of the strongest components of Autism 360. We are yet to meet a parent who has completed the program and their child is still nonverbal at the end of the term 🙂 

Our program is most effective for kids between 2 to 12 years old. Once the child enters teenage, they need a lot more emotional support which our program is currently not well equipped to handle. 

Sure, please log a ticket here or send an email to support@autismag.org and we will respond within 1 business day.

Lets make it happen together

Within the next 90 Days of working with us, you're gonna make more progress with your child that what you'd have achieved in that last 2 years! Thats my personal guarantee.

Ash Bhattacharya