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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERThis checklist based Autism Test for Toddlers has been developed keeping in mind the evaluation criteria set by Autism Research Center and should be used only for indicative purposes. The outcome of this test is purely suggestive and must not be, under any circumstances, equated as definitive evidence on the presence or absence of autism in your toddler. For a detailed diagnosis, please consult a certified pediatrician.

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Autism Test for Toddlers


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This following list of 30 interactive multiple-choice questions requires you to answer each based on your best understanding of your toddler's cognitive and behavioral pattern. The Quiz Overview at the top of each section will provide you with some guidelines on the area this section evaluates and how to approach the same. At the end of the quiz, you will get a comprehensive summary report with the Autism quotient of your toddler!

  • Question Type: User Interactive and adapts based on previous responses
  • Total Questions: 30
  • Time to Complete: 15 mins to 20 mins

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The Questions that you were asked during this Autism Test for Toddlers

Note: You just participated in a computer adaptive Autism Quiz for toddlers. Our intelligent algorithm selects only a subset of questions from a large question bank, based on your answers to the previous questions. For this particular session, the following questions were asked.

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Observation Skills

This section tries to assess your child's observation and cognitive skills. The questions here apply to all ages. All questions are mandatory.


Autism Test to toddlers - 1
Fig 1: Look at me when I am calling your Name

QUESTION1: Your toddler usually looks at you when you call by his/her name

Autism Test for Toddlers - Question 2
Fig 2: Don't look the other way when I am talking to you

QUESTION2: Your toddler usually makes eye contact when engaged in a conversation

Autism test Toddlers - Question 7
Fig 3: Spinning on & on & on...

QUESTION3: How long, do you think, your toddler usually spends looking at a spinning object?

Autism Toddler Test - Question 10
Fig 4: Look Darling, there goes the plane!

QUESTION 4: If you point at something, your toddler is usually able to follow where you are looking, or where you are pointing

Autism Quiz Toddler -Question 20
Fig 5: Whats with you & those fingers

QUESTION 5: Does your toddler make unusual finger movements in front of his/her eyes?

Autism toddler- Question 24
Fig 6: But that's not too loud!

QUESTION 6: How would your rate your child's sensitivity to noise?

Communication Skills

The aim of this section is to score your child's communication skills. Some questions will automatically show/hide based on your child's age. For example, certain questions may apply for 3 year olds but not a 2 year old child.

Autism Test for Toddlers - Question 4
Fig 12: But what exactly do you want?

QUESTION 12:You and immediate family members can easily understand what your toddler may be trying to say (even though s/he may not have fully developed speech skills yet)

Autism test for Adults - Question 5
Fig 13: Okay I get what you want

QUESTION 13:Your toddler is adept at using sign language to point out what s/he wants

Autism Toddler Quiz - Question 17
Fig 14: Now What are your Saying Again?

QUESTION 14:The best way to describe YOUR emotion when you heard your toddler's first few words would be?

Autism Quiz Toddler - Question 18
Fig 15: That's exactly What I asked You!

QUESTION 15:Does your toddler have a habit of repeating words exactly the way they are told?

Miscellaneous  Questions on Autism Test for Toddlers

The questions asked in this section are used to fine tune the score accuracy.

QUESTION 26:Rate, in the order of preference, how your child wants to spend his/her free time.

QUESTION 27:Which of these emoticons best describe your child's usual mood?

QUESTION 28:Is your child toilet trained yet?

QUESTION 29:How would you rate your toilet training experience?

QUESTION 29:Why not yet toilet trained?

Optional Questions

The next 2 questions are optional. For legal and privacy reasons, we can not force you enter the age and gender of your child but providing this information with help us display targeted question and provide you with a more accurate score.

If you are not comfortable answering these questions, just select "Prefer not to say" and move on to the next sections.

Child's Age? Used for score calculation as degree of symptoms vary with age.

Child's Gender? Used for score calculation as boys are 3 times more likely to have autism than girls.

Why a Paid Test?

You would be paying a token $1.99 for, what is the most sophisticated  Autism scoring tool available online. The analytical report that you will get would be similar in quality to what most Preliminary Diagnostic Agencies in U.S. would charge upwards of $300.

The $1.99 includes:

☑︎ A detailed report on, what we believe is the Autism Quotient of your child + next steps
☑︎ Email copy of your report + Printer-friendly on screen layout
☑︎ Trackback link that allows you/your health practitioner access to your report for next 30 days
☑︎ Understanding of where your child displays autistic syndromes and where not
☑︎ Explanation of how our score is calculated - we hide nothing
☑︎ A small royalty for our assessors who continually monitor and upgrade the tests

Still, if you are not fully satisfied, we will process you a refund within 7 days.

January 20, 2020

Social Interactions

This section evaluates the social skills that your child has developed so far. Scoring is weighted based on the age of your child.

Test for Autism - Question 6
Fig 7: Look Daddy, thats a Kitten!

QUESTION 7:Your toddler points at things to share what s/he might find interesting

Autism Toddler Test - Question 15
Fig 8: Look at your sister, she is upset because of you!

QUESTION 8:Your toddler can usually understand if you or someone in the immediate family (your partner, siblings, etc) is visibly upset and s/he attempts to comfort you (or the other member)

Autism Toddler Quiz - Question 19
Fig 9: Bye, see ya later

QUESTION 9: Your toddler is usually good at interpreting simple gestures and would return the same

Autism test for Adults - Question 21
Fig 10: Hey there, look how cute he is

QUESTION 10: Your toddler spontaneously looks at you when faced with an unfamiliar situation

Toddler Autism test - Question 8
Fig 11: Let's see how well you speak

Is your child LESS than 3 years old? Some questions are not applicable for children < 3 years of age. We will hide them automatically for you. QUESTION 11:Your toddler's approximate vocabulary size [number of words your child can say] would be closest to which of the following.

Behavior and Sensory & Skills

This area of evaluation targets the sensory functions, behavioral patters and the motor skills that your child has. Scores are weighted based on the age of your toddler.

Autism test for Toddlers - Question 3
Fig 16: What's this fascination for queuing up objects

QUESTION 16:Your toddler always like to line up his/her toys, or arrange them in 'a' specific order, every time

Toddler Autism test - Question 9
Fg 9: Let me make some Tea for you Dolly!

QUESTION 17:Your toddler is usually good at pretending while playing

Autism test for Toddlers - Question 11
Fig 11: Stop Licking! Thats not Food!

QUESTION 18:Your toddler has a habit of licking unusual objects or sniffing at things

Question 12 - Autism Toddler test
Fig 19: You have to hold the Toy if you want to play with it!

QUESTION 19:Your toddler is usually good at using her hands in the right way when s/he needs to do something

Autism test for Toddlers - Question 13
Fig 20: Its bad habit, stop doing that!

QUESTION 20:Does your child Tiptoe and/or Hand flap?

autism toddler test- Question 14
Fig 21: Don't be too upset darling, life is all about small changes

QUESTION 21:How does your child react when there is a sudden change in plan or things are out of usual space?

Toddler Autism test - Question 16
Fig 22: Now how many times have i told you not to do that!

QUESTION 22:Your toddler has an odd habit of doing the same thing over and over again

Autism Test for Toddlers - Question 22
Fig 23: Haven't you spent enough time already on this one?

QUESTION 23:For how long is your toddler's interest maintained in just one or two objects that s/he can't seem to get his/her mind off

Toddler Autism - Question 23
Fig 24: Somehow, I don't get this obsession

QUESTION 24:Your toddler enjoys to spend a lot of time twiddling objects repeatedly

Autism toddler Quiz Question 25
Fig 25: Thats the Wall you keep looking at

QUESTION 25:Your toddler spends time staring at something (or nothing) for too long without any apparent reason