Autism Spectrum Test


Autism Spectrum Test identifies autism spectrum conditions by measuring social and communication skills. However, at times the disorder is established later in life, often in relation to learning, social or emotional difficulties.

Autism Spectrum Test – A Priceless Gift


Among the various tools available both offline and online, many are targeted to older children or to specific disorders. However, the reality is, there are different characteristics pertaining to social and communication skills in males and females, which must be taken into account when measuring these skills.

Autism Spectrum Test helps in familiarizing oneself regarding the same.

Care must be taken that there are considerable similarities among the different forms of autism. However a wide variation in symptoms among young children with this disorder has led to the concept known as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

autism spectrum test
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It affects 1 out of every 70 children. It is seen more often among boys than girls. While it is a matter of great concern that the autism disorders appears to be on rise, it is not yet clear whether the growing number of diagnoses shows a real increase or comes from improved detection as a result of technological advancement.

Early examination of the symptoms plays a very crucial role as early treatment can help a child diagnosed with autism disorder make significant gains in overcoming language barriers and other related social skills.

Autism spectrum disorders affect three different areas of a child’s life viz Social Interaction, Verbal as well as Non Verbal Communication and Behavioral Aspects and Interests of the individual.

It must also be noted that each child with an ASD will have his or her own pattern of autism.

For instance, a child’s development is delayed from birth. Some children seem to have a normal growth before they suddenly lose their social, language or other noticeable skills. Others tend to  show normal development until they possess enough language to demonstrate the nature of unfamiliar thoughts and anxieties..

In some children, a loss of language is seen as a major deficiency. In others, odd behaviors like spending hours in arranging their play things seems to be the leading factor.

Parents of the wards are usually the first to notice something amiss. Sadly a diagnosis of autism is often delayed which may be due to parents ignoring the early signs or due to the role of a physician who may downplay early signs suggesting the symptoms are not of a great concern.

Autism Spectrum Test helps in dispelling the doubts that one might tend to ignore otherwise.

After initial screening children with possible disorders, though, should be evaluated by a skilled team with an experience in diagnosing the same.

As has been earlier discussed features of these disorders include repetitive behaviors and activities, sensory issues, and in some cases, reasoning delays.

To make the right choice we need to communicate. Apart from the Autism Spectrum test, you can also take the ADHD Test which is designed to examine varied social, emotional or learning complexities in growing children. As rightly said “The Earlier The Better”.

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