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Autism Screening Tests are conducted to verify whether the symptoms truly point to autism. If so, immediate medical treatment can extensively reduce the severity of this condition. So these tests are important for analyzing the state of a person with symptoms of autism.

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Autism tests create the opportunity to at least judge the possibility of having this disease or to what extent it has developed. However, these tests are not designed to replace medical care.

A person with autism is usually immature for his age. So his behaviour is to be observed. How maturely he reacts to unexpected situations, how good he is in timing his works accurately, and if he is well mannered and knows the difference between being polite and rude. It might be that he shows more childlike behaviour than expected and completely fails to do things responsibly.

His response to various situations is observed carefully because it shows how his mind operates. He might be comfortable with doing a work in the same manner even after being shown a new way. How well or poorly he responds to unexpected situations and if in trouble whether he instinctively looks at his guardian for support is also to be noted.

Understanding our Screening Process for Autism

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Testing the person’s communication skills is crucial for the result of this test. His verbal skills and gesturing movements are to be assessed when he asks for something or explains a situation or an object or how he feels. Not only that, how well he can understand others, how accurately he interprets their behaviour in his mind and how he reacts to them are also important issues related to the test.

To what extent can he sense other people’s emotions toward him? Does he often get confused because he does not understand what people expect of him? And how much sensitivity does he show when seeing other people in emotional state? Showing genuine emotion is actually very difficult for people with autism.

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Then comes the fact how free he is to mix with people? Does he enjoy going to birthday parties or any other crowded place? Is he eager to meet with people of different culture, colour, religion, social, and financial background? Note that people who have autism, tend to cover themselves up in their own world and do not want to step out of their comfort zone to meet new people.

His concentration in work should be closely observed. It might be easy for him to lose track of his job at hand and he might immediately engage in something new. These show lack of concentration and a restless mind.

Finally, it can be said that these types of autism screening are not scientifically proven but is very effective to identify the extent of autism in a person’s behaviour. Another version of Autism is Aspergers. You can also take the Asperger’s Test by clicking on the link.

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