Autism Screening Test


The human race, to which we all belong, have been successful in many of the endeavors that we began with so much enthusiasm. Understanding and overcoming the effects related with Autism is one such endeavor. An answer to the obvious questions lies in taking the Autism Screening Test, which explains the very first and an important highlight. Autism is not a disease, which few think as infectious, rather it’s a disorder.

Autism Screening test – A debate


So let us understand the various Myths and, yes you are right, the correct facts about Autism.

A common misconception, rather we say myth, among folks is that all individuals with Autism never make eye contact. However not all Individuals with Autism showcase this. It must be noted that Autism is a mix of many symptoms and there is no such thing as a common symptom.

The Fact is Individuals do make eye contacts, though there may few others who might not be comfortable in making eye contact. An Autism Screening Test highlights many such facts.

Another interesting myth that many believe to be true, including us, is all Autistic children have an intellect individual inside them. The very interesting fact is that you are not completely wrong! Rather we say, you are partially correct.

Before you jump to any conclusion let us explain in more detail. Individuals with Autism have few complexities in some areas of mental processing, however a certain percentage of individuals are above average and they exhibit higher intelligence compared to the normal population. An Autism Screening Test marks many such differences.

A sad myth, rather we say rumor, is that Autistic children can’t speak. This is false and totally baseless.

Another belief is that Autism can be outgrown. Or can we put it in the form of a question. Can Autism be outgrown?

The answer is No. Autism is a lifelong condition, for it is a disorder, not a disease. However with experts help and education, individuals can live fruitful lives.

Autism screening test
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Another myth is autistic children cannot learn. The true fact is that everyone can learn as long as they want to.

Though it might take a little more time in figuring out the best way to teach to an autistic child.

Another fast spreading myth is Autism is related to poor parenting. Well, Let us be honest, Can we ask you how does parenting come into picture or what role does a parent have in individuals getting this disorder.

The fact is no one is to be blamed. It is a Genetic Component.

Another myth is Autistic children are dangerous to society. The fact is some may exhibit violent behavior. We do have dangerous elements in our society who are normal in all aspects. Does it mean all Normal people are dangerous? The answer is No. Well the same concept gains ground with Autistic people.

Many more facts can be known and understood. However, if you do not want to take this autism screening test, you can also attempt an ADHD test to know more.

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