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It has been an unending perception, but new research shows men are more prone to being autistic than women. The Autism Quiz has been designed in such a way that it helps you in understanding the same more clearly with a set of carefully designed Questionnaire.

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According to the latest research in the occurrence and frequency of the condition, a careful observation also found that people working in desk jobs had a higher chance than the ones who were working in industries where a lot of physical movement is involved.

An earlier experiment has also suggested that the male brain is more inclined than the female brain to autistic symptoms, while many have dismissed it as an imbalance as the result of human perception. Researching a high data that is available to test these questions both offline and online it provides a clear picture that autistic traits are more of gender specific and this will enhance further studies and research in the field.

Autism Quiz is designed with a set of 50 questions based on various complexities that would be selected by our system based on the inputs such as age and sex that you have entered. However though Autism Quiz is meant to be taken for a larger part of the population, care must be taken that these set of well-designed questionnaire is not a diagnostic and a high score should be no reason unless there are symptoms which are causing complexities.

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Autism is characterized by various deficits in day to day interaction and communication, hence it is very intricate to be detected in infants. It isn’t detected up until age 2 or 3, when the symptoms like day to day activities with friends and parents become more apparent.

In a recent study, researchers found that child specialists were able to use well designed questionnaire to successfully identify probable problems in communication and other related skills during regular health checks.

Parents were interviewed on varied questions such as personal habits of the child or whether the infant is responsive to various other cues. Of the nearly many infants screened, few scored lower than contemplated and further evaluation of the infants were taken up and tracked before arriving at a conclusion. Few of them were diagnosed where as others were found to have minor conditions.

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