Autism and Toilet Training


Autism and toilet training are  two different things that needs to be joined for a fruitful results. But again when it comes to toilet training, it can be further divided into two things. Viz. toilet training and potty training.


As the saying goes a child must be potty trained and then be toilet trained. However it must be noted that few parents prefer to directly toilet train the child. Though it might take more time, this might be due to the fact that parents tend to think they wouldn’t have to train the child twice for the same task which will add undue pressure on the child’s learning.

Autism and Toilet Training

On the other hand there are few parents who prefer a child must be first potty trained and then toilet trained. Whatever the situation is, the ultimate goal should be to make the child use toilet successfully at the end of autism and toilet training period.

There are few practices that parents and caregivers tend to follow when training children.

Autism and Toilet Training
Autism and Toilet Training

For instance giving the child fluids and then having them use the toilet few minutes down the line is the age old method of teaching infants how to use toilet and its necessity. This increases the chances of the child using the toilet more frequently which ensures a better success rate.

However it must also be noted that though this trick has got its many benefits it must not be over done since it tends to create unnatural routines.

While assisting a child with Autism and Toilet Training it is always advisable to use appropriate language since they tend to grasp things slowly and then things are difficult to change. Rather than telling a child to go for pi pee, for instance. It is good to advise them to use toilet.

Initially they may offer resistance but gradually they will learn to pick up signs. A child must also be taught how to use the door and when to keep it shut. Although important it can be done during the later stages, say at the end of training.

Make them comfortable during the initial stages of training, for instance, helping them with wet wipes. Some children are known to have fears of toilet flush. They tend to get scared by the sound it makes during flushing.

Help them by slowly making their fear go away. Another word of advice is to have a lot of patience since you will be spending more time when training a child and there are times when the trainings have to be repeated couple of times.

And there are also times when adults tend to take things for granted though it may be unintentional. When going out on long journeys prepare the child since they need to be aware that there are some changes in the normal routine.

This can be done by awareness such as having less food before taking up the journey. Hence these are some of the many challenges a parent may face when toilet training their child. Similar challenges can be overcome by attempting potty training autism.

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