Autism and Potty Training


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Potty training is an important subject that needs to be given due attention from an early age. Before a child is made to sit on the potty seat independently it is always advisable to create an awareness. Though autism and potty training are different subjects yet they go hand in hand.


A proven way to teach an autistic kid is that the parent can start counting up slowly when the child begins to pee which helps the child to concentrate. When we stop the counting it helps the child by acting as an indication to get up. Practicing this routinely with the child makes them manage their routines effectively.

Autism and Potty Training – An Awareness

When the child showcases sufficient progress, helpful tools such as a timer can be used to help the child act independently. Slowly as the child progresses more, removing the watch and carefully observing their actions helps them learn to take care of their hygienic issues in a better way. Hence Autism and Potty Training are equally important.

An environment is a very important area that must also be given prior importance. It accelerates the process of learning. For instance a bathroom needs to be a clean and calm in order to help the child concentrate without any distractions.

Also removing objects that creates distractions such as toothbrush or mobile holder also benefits the training program the child tends to undergo.

Autism and Potty Training
Autism and Potty Training

Care should be taken that anxieties should be reduced. A question might arise to few of us what are we supposed to do in order to make the bathroom more comfortable and how can we help the child reduce their anxiety levels? Well the answer to the above questions lies in questioning ourselves.

Let us explain this in depth. Say we try asking ourselves, are the towel and soap reachable? Now what happens when we ask ourselves these type of questions we start thinking from the child’s perspective?

Things might be at a comfortable position for us since we are grownups and can reach things easily. But what about the child who is in his early growth stages. The answer lies in the fact that we tend to get the towel to a lesser height through which the child can readily reach for it without anybody’s assistance.

This habit of self-questioning goes a long way in teaching anyone. Not just an autistic child or a normal child. When we try to understand things from others perspective we can hope to impart teachings that go a long way in helping the individual or a child established to a greater extent.

However care should be taken since these things tend to require lot of patience. Thus Autism and Potty Training is more of a practical approach.

How often do we get excited when we are rewarded at our work places for some work that is done by us as expected? The answer to most of us is, Fabulous. The same goes with children, when they do something right, no matter how little, it always pays when they are rewarded and praised.

It leads to boost of confidence as well as a jump in their self-esteem. Attempt autism potty training which further highlights the important benefits of being trained to assist children.

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