Shocking 66% of Individuals with Autism face Social Isolation

Stranger in a strange land…. It’s a trapped feeling. Even at home. An autistic person finds even the social atmosphere at his/her own home challenging enough due to the poor understanding of the condition by his/her family members. When it applies to general public, things quickly spiral out of control for the worse. A Recent … Read more

Genetic Manifestation of ADHD from Being a Child to Adulthood

While some children with ADHD (Attention-Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) grow out of the condition while entering adulthood, there are others who keep fighting with the condition well into their adult life. The scientists at the University College London, United Kingdom, wanted to understand the rationale behind the two dissimilar outcomes. They strongly believe the answer may … Read more

Reveal for Autism: A Device to Prevent Panic Meltdowns in Autistic People

Note: Since this post was written, significant improvements have been made on this device. Please refer to the latest news on Reveal here. A wearable device, named as Reveal, has been created to monitor the real-time anxiety level in an autistic person. According to the experts, the device will immensely benefit persons with various disorder types … Read more

New Research Facilitates Early Diagnosis for Autistic Language Impairments

An early prediction of good or poor language development in a child with autism is possible, according to a recent study published in the medical science journal Neuron. The prognosis is feasible through mapping brain activities in infants. The Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, as it’s called, has a pretty wide range – a person … Read more

An Autism Dating Site By an Autistic Mom & Daughter Duo

An exclusive dating site for those on the autism spectrum is not entirely a new concept. However, the creators of the recently-launched claim their site to be unique. Olivia Cantu, co-creator of Spectrum Singles, said other dating sites usually “portray autism in a negative light.” At the best, these sites group people with autism … Read more

Microsoft to Provide Jobs for Autistic People

Software giant Microsoft is getting ready to hire people with autism as its full-time employees. The company spokesperson announced the first step would be to launch a pilot program that would include 10 individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The program will begin on May at the headquarter of Microsoft, Redmond, Washington. Microsoft believes in … Read more

7 Steps to Manage ADHD Symptoms in Adults

While it seems that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a common disorder affecting children, however, it is not limited to them alone. An astounding number of adults suffer from the disorder as well. Healthcare professionals, specialized in ADHD, believe around 60 percent of those who were diagnosed with the disorder in their childhood … Read more

Girls with ADHD – Trauma Prone to Self-Harm

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) along with childhood trauma, abuse or neglect could be a deadly combination, according to a new finding published in Development and Psychopathology by University of California, Berkeley. Young girls with ADHD having a history of trauma or maltreatment in their early years are prone to self-harm, suicide attempt, substance abuse and/or … Read more

Low Cost Genetic Swab Test May Simplify ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

Getting a right treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) patients could be a daunting task and no one knows this better than caregivers and family members of an ADHD patient. But with the launch of a new, affordable genetic test, finding a relevant ADHD treatment for a particular patient might become less arduous. A … Read more

Man with Missing Cerebellum Provides Clues to Autism Treatment

A man without cerebellum has compelled neurologists to reconsider the role of the cerebellum in a human brain. A better understanding of its function might hold new clues to the treatment of ailment caused by stroke, schizophrenia and, most importantly, autism. Many scientists now believe cerebellum, which was once thought to have a limited role in … Read more