9 Co-Existing Disorders with Autism in Children

Autism is a spectrum disorder i.e. an umbrella of conditions that impairs social, communication and neuro-behavioral development of individuals (Read: What is Autism?). What it means is that a person diagnosed with Autism will also display symptoms of other disorders that often co-exist with this condition.  MUST READ: Characteristics of Autism Autism Symptoms Checklist Co-Existing Conditions … Read more

Why Choose Behavior Therapy over Medical Intervention for ADHD

When you need to choose between Behavior Therapy for Autism or ADHD Vs Medication as the right intervention strategy for your child, which one would you go for? The answer, at least as per new research tends to suggest that behavior therapy should always go first! Children who are initiated to ADHD treatment along with behavior therapy … Read more

9 Ways to Self Manage Adult ADHD Treatment

Like any other repair job, a trusty toolkit is necessary to fix ADHD. The toughest challenges you face head-on is when it comes to managing difficult ADHD symptoms that beat you consistently through years, numbing you while you struggle to handle these challenges but still leaving you in the same rut. Time to shake that numbness … Read more

Autism and Anxiety

Autism is a spectrum disorder carry an entire horde of other symptoms that complicate a complex situation tenfold. Some of these symptoms tend to be severe in their intensities. Compulsive habits, motor and facial tics and above all, social phobias persist, which is often detectable even without an official diagnosis. Anxiety ruins the everyday lives of many … Read more

Using HGH May Improve Autism Social Impairments

An interesting pilot study, conducted by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, suggests that usage of growth hormones may significantly improve the social impairments associated with Autism. The researchers argue that certain insulin-like growth factors (like IGF-1) may be the reason. To support their theory, the study draws correlation between Phelan McDermid syndrome (PMD) … Read more