Homeopathy for Autism

Homeopathic therapy for Autism is individualized medicine at its best. It is all inclusive of every aspect of the patient’s genetic predispositions, food, medications, and environment. Homeopathic medicines can be combined with other traditional autism therapies. Homeopathy therapy must fit the individual person, not the requirements or diagnosis of a disease. One should never begin … Read more

Sensory Input In Everyday Activities

A healthy diet of sensory activities over a period of time can either help calm a hyperactive autistic child or increase the activity level of a passive child. The following methods are some of the self-regulating strategies that I incorporate into my daily life as an autism therapist. While this would help any child with … Read more

Autism in Boys

It is quite well known that autism in boys differs significantly from autism spectrum disorder in girls. Working with children classified “special needs” (as all neurological behavioral problems were classified), I have had some experience with the small number of girls I have worked with, but boys have definitely been the majority. Key Gender Based Statistics on … Read more

Autism in Girls

Autism in girls has always been a topic less talked about than autism in boys. The reason being that boys are 4 times more likely to be diagnosed positive for Autism Spectrum Disorder than girls. Some Statistics on Autism in Children Autism rates Increasing at Alarming Proportions – Girls less Impacted Autism, according to the … Read more

Shopping with Autistic Child

Running errands are part of everyday normal life. However, for autistic children, such everyday events may cause great anxiety, sometimes leading to aggressive behavior. Children with the autism spectrum disorder need predictability. They need to be prepared ahead of time if a change in their usual schedule is about to occur. I have a few tried and tested … Read more

Sensory Activities for Autism

In this lesson on Autism Treatment, we would focus on the different Sensory Activities for Autism. As parents of children with autism, you need to understand the varying degree of fluctuations in sensory levels that a child with autism goes through. Also, as autism in boys differs significantly to autism in girls, so does their sensory levels. Sensory … Read more

Is Autism Genetic

Is Autism genetic? Indeed a common question among couples with a history of Autism in their family and planning to have a baby. Recent studies have shown that though Autism is primarily a neurological disorder impairing language, communication and social skills, it may have an indirect genetic pre-disposition. The Center for Disease Control in the United States has estimated … Read more