Energy Drinks May Cause Child Autism Says Yale

Recently, an interesting study conducted by Yale University revealed that hyperactivity in children may be caused by such high-sweetened drinks. Consumption of Energy drinks, though well known to be an unhealthy option, is on a rise. What’s more disturbing is its rising popularity among children. Recently, an interesting study conducted by Yale University revealed that … Read more

Local Community Shows Up At Autistic Boys Birthday

Six-year-old Glenn Buratti, of St Cloud, Florida had invited all his sixteen kindergarten friends to his birthday party. None of them showed up on his special day! The incident broke his mother’s, 25-year-old Ashlee Burrati, heart and she turned to Facebook. Talking to ABC News about the incident Ashlee Buratti said, “He was so devastated when … Read more

Roundup Herbicide A Trigger For Autism Says Mit

A senior researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at MIT has presented a new study where etiology of Autism has been linked to the herbicide Roundup. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who has been for some time now focusing her studies on nutrition and health has recently discoursed her findings in a panel discussion held in Groton, … Read more

Cntnap2 Gene Suspected To Be Linked To Autism

Autism has long been associated with heredity and genetic factors. This disorder affecting a growing number of children all over the world is marked by three major aspects: language impairment, lack or limited social interaction and repetitive behavior and interest. Even though, several genes have been identified,  the etiology of Autism is still unknown in … Read more

Leah MacRae meets Drama Workshop students with Learning Disabilities.

Actress Leah MacRae, known for her role in successful Scottish show River City as Ellie Mclean, visited a drama workshop by CKUK, involving people with learning disabilities. CKUK, or Common Knowledge United Kingdom, is a Glasgow based organization that reaches out to people with learning disabilities with a strong conviction that such people ‘deserve better’ opportunities. … Read more

The Carwash Business With 80+ Autistic Employees

In today’s world, Autism and its social effects are hardly unknown. The number of children who fall under the Autism Spectrum Disorder along with Asperger’s, Dyslexia and Tourette Syndrome has seen a rise over the years. However, the good news is that with each day, more and more organisations are actively trying to integrate people … Read more

The New Age Of Autism Friendly Business Owners

A recent campaign started by an Iowa-based organization saw quite a few business owners registering their companies to be autism-friendly. This happened just days after we reported on how employing Autistic adults turned out to be a sweet deal for Bakery owner. After the news of the Evanston Bakery that facilitated the training and hiring … Read more

Newborn Maladjusted Foals Present With Autism

While the world is busy researching and studying the causes, effects and cures for increasing ASD symptoms among children, a very different study is being conducted by John Madigan, a professor of Veterinary in University of California and also an expert in equine neonatal health, and Isaac Pessah of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. … Read more

Saliva Test May Help To Diagnose Child Autism

A recent study appearing in Autism Research, released by Clarkson University, showed that protein levels found among autistic children vary significantly from normal children. This finding is the very first of its kind. According to the lead researcher Costel C. Darie, an assistant professor (of Biomolecular Science & Chemistry) at the Clarkson University, this study … Read more

Hiring People With Autism The Smart Thing To Do

Hiring people with Autism turned out to be “a smart thing to do” for a bakery owner, Jean Kroll. The Evanston, Chicago based bakery owner hired three individuals with Autism after their unpaid internship to a 20 hour a week job, paying $8.25 an hour. While Kroll, at first was unsure about hiring individuals with disabilities, … Read more